Let’s get job satisfaction on the agenda

We want to join everyone in a common mission, where we promote job satisfaction by employees providing a fair assessment of their current and past workplaces. Read more about why we want to put job satisfaction on the agenda. This way, job satisfaction is brought to light – and it will be visible to all where the good workplaces are. Take a look at our latest campaign film, which you can also see on TV.

The annual IT job satisfaction list is ready!

We have measured the job satisfaction in 20 major Danish IT companies. See the result in this year's list.

Employees wrote their own job description and their enjoyment grew

Co-decision paid off

Sophie Saxine Lovett is the Head of HR and Shared Services at oil company Total in Denmark. Formerly known as Maersk Oil, in 2018 the company was acquired by Total, which is headquartered in France. This gave Sophie the opportunity to think about job satisfaction and performance in a new way for the department. She offered each employee in the team the opportunity to write their own job description.

The high commitment to employees pays off

We text each other in everyday life

Sophie Saxine Lovett is the Head of HR and Shared Services at international oil company Total. She has employees equally distributed between Copenhagen and Esbjerg. She is in Copenhagen herself, and being a present and unifying manager requires will and focus when much of the work has to be done remotely. However, Sophie cracked the code.