Job interview
Advice when preparing for a personal interview

Visit the company’s website

Start by exploring the company’s website. It is always a great idea to find out what the company’s basis for existence is along with their mission, vision and strategy. How does the company make money? Which products and services are they known for? Also, consider how the department you might become a part of contributes to the business and how you will contribute to the department and company.

Re-read the job ad

Get a grip on the details of the job ad so you have an overview of the job content prior to the interview. In doing so, you may be able to guess which part of your experiences, skills or perhaps lack of skills that might be brought up during the interview. If the job ad is no longer online, you can search for it in Jobindex’ archive.

Examining your CV and motivation for changing jobs

Be prepared for an examination of your CV and for explaining your various job changes as well as your motivation for changing jobs. It is important for your future employer to understand your motivation for applying for this current position. So you need to be precise and conscious about why you applied.

Arrive in time for the interview

Find out how long time it takes to get to the location of the interview, and plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before the appointment starts.

Be honest

Prepare to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses as well as what you find interesting about the position. Also, be honest to yourself during the process and in any test you may be presented with. Because the best long-term match between you, the position and the company is obtained by honesty from all parties involved.

Salary expectations

You might want to consider your salary expectation, if you are asked about this at the first interview. Remember that your salary often covers pension and other benefits. Find inspiration for your future expectations by using Jobindex’ salary statistics Tjek din løn (in Danish).