Job ad: Data Engineer – help develop our new data platform

Data Engineer – help develop our new data platform

Norlys, Silkeborg

As our new Data Engineer, you will build the right infrastructural software required to activate valuable data and serve our Business Units in their quest to improve their business and minimize environmental impact.

You will be a part of IT Data, Integration & Automation, who creates tools that automate and exhibit data to use for insights and AI. Your focus is to support a Business Unit in their need to be more data-driven.

In this job, you will be working with Norlys’ new strategic data platform, where we are building a new foundation. So here, you have the chance to join the development from the start and be part of building the platform. You will be working continuously to enable data product teams to deliver work with substantial autonomy by simplifying the access to services and resources, govern and maintaining the platform, and with that reduce the cognitive load on the domain teams.

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