Client Cases

See what Jobindex’s customers say about their partnership


Sampension has grown by 30 % within the last few years, a situation that greatly tested its recruitment communications.

Today, Sampension receives more and better qualified candidates than formerly. These improved results are due in no small part to a great collaboration with Jobindex, who provided Sampension with an opportunity to optimise the space in their job adverts.

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Schneider Electric

Having a rigid, worldwide recruitment system made it difficult for Schneider Electric to express its graphic identity so that candidates would see what the brand is all about right off the bat.

Jobindex makes this possible—just as advertisements on Jobindex have reduced time-to-hire.

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As an unknown brand, Forca had difficulty attracting strong candidates. Now their IT specialist positions are attracting as many as 80 candidates.

Forca’s partnership with Jobindex has developed, and Jobindex has gone from being a traditional service provider to now functioning as a trusted advisor for Forca.

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Danish Energy Regulatory Authority

Value for its money, a great partnership, as well as freedom and flexibility are what the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority derives from its collaboration with Jobindex.

The organisation has also gained some experience with recruiting hard-to-find specialists using new types of job ads, which work well with HR Manager.

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Frederikssund Kommune

For a number of years, Frederikssund Municipality has worked on developing the municipality’s visual identity. When job candidates see one of Frederikssund’s job ads, they should have no doubts as to where it came from. This means that the municipality has demands for graphic layout. At the same time, the municipality wants quality, flexibility and a great price. Which is something no one else can provide. This is why they choose to go with Jobindex year after year.

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