At hummel, we strive to be a challenging, progressive, and innovative organization that attract and retain the sharpest and most creative talents from all over the world. Our employees are not just valuable assets but also the cornerstone of our success. Thus, we are committed to going above and beyond to support their growth, development, and well-being.

As a fast-growing company, we are dedicated to providing exceptional opportunities for personal and professional growth. We place great value in creating a positive environment that upholds strong social values and encourages connections across our entire organization. That’s why, we take pleasure in organizing social events and trips that bring together employees from various teams and departments, enabling us to build relationships and foster a sense of camaraderie.


At hummel, our primary goal is to establish a dynamic and playful work environment. We value transparent and open communication as an essential element of our daily playbook. Our culture is the cornerstone of our ambition when it comes to setting new goals. When we asset ourselves as a sports brand, we are fully committed to achieving success. Our purpose extends beyond mere enjoyment of the game; we play to win!

In our pursuit of triumph, we adopt an aggressive and determined approach, constantly seeking opportunities for our next big victory. Nevertheless, we also function as a unified team, driven by our shared aspirations. We provide unwavering support and stand behind each other whenever a teammate introduces fresh ideas onto the pitch.


The story of hummel A/S is the story of the bumblebee, who started to fly back in 1923. Since then, we have conquered the sports business and grown to be an international brand operating in more than 35 markets – and together, we are on a mission to change the world through sport. We honor the camaraderie, celebrate the wins, and applaud the ability to play, share and enjoy sport throughout life. It is our heritage, and nothing makes us prouder. Through our continued pursuit of growth, we use sport as a universal driver to create a positive impact year after year.

In short, we want to become the #1 sports challenger brand by growing our business to do more good. We believe that the way to do so is by being playful, bold, and inclusive. United in our diversity, we are one big team – and we cannot wait to welcome new and talented players to our starting line-up. LET’S PLAY!