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Do you want to fuel your career and build a close network of local and international colleagues from more than 50 different countries?

By joining Bunker Holding, you will open a door to an international career and a global network of more than 650 new colleagues in 59 offices from Seattle to Sidney. At the same time, you get to enjoy the personal relations and closeness of a family-owned company. At our Danish HQ, you will gain approximately 110 new colleagues.



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A world leader in bunker trading

Bunkers used to be coal. Today they are oil. Tomorrow, new kinds of advanced fuels will arrive. In this ever-changing world, one constant is Bunker Holding’s commitment to serve the shipping industry with fuel, lube oil and risk management services.

Bunker Holding has serviced global shipping for more than 140 years. Established as a local Danish shipping company in 1876, we became one of the pioneers in bunker trading and have grown into one of the world’s market leaders. We have a rich history but remain innovative and focused on answering the needs and challenges of an ever-changing industry.

We help you develop your talent from day one

No matter if you are an IT developer, a financial controller or a student worker, we strive to realise your full potential. We know that our success as a company depends on your success as an employee. Therefore, Bunker Holding provides the in-depth tools and insights to advance your career.

From day one, you will have access to programmes relevant for you. In total, our employees attend more than 10,000 hours of internal training every year. They do so locally, internationally or at our global headquarters in Denmark. We even offer employees the opportunity to study at the Danish Shipping Academy.

Make your mark on our future development

As a family-owned company, we are known to be versatile and flexible. We listen to our business partners, customers and employees, and when you have a great idea, you will meet nothing but support to make it come true.

And it is easy. Our internal communication paths are very informal – if you have an idea or question, no door is closed, and many ideas are brought to life in the hallway over a cup of coffee. And celebrated with a glass of champagne when it all works out.

The Accelerator Programme: A talent programme for young talents

Bunker Holding’s ambitious global talent programme aims at building future leaders, specialists and top traders. The Accelerator Programme prepares you to take on new, exciting opportunities and responsibilities in different areas of the organisation.

Each module is carefully tailored to equip you to handle the opportunities and challenges our industry might face in the future. This is a demanding and rewarding two-year journey where you will have your capabilities stretched to the limit. During the programme, you will meet with the company’s owner and top management - and build a global network of future leaders.

Do you have what it takes to go all the way? Then we will help you get there. Find out more at www.bunker-holding.com.

Annual report for Bunker Holding A/S

Annual report for Bunker Holding A/S

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Annual report 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Turnover 0 0 8,152,520,000 10,644,302,000 10,946,049,000 9,769,105,000
Gross profit 0 0 221,526,000 301,814,000 439,532,000 294,149,000
Annual profits 52,278,000 68,108,000 47,932,000 26,432,000 30,612,000 60,797,000 126,177,000 56,612,000
Net assets 258,437,000 295,223,000 271,207,000 254,825,000 253,757,000 318,050,000 357,039,000 334,437,000
Balance 415,628,000 485,799,000 485,581,000 633,640,000 1,282,282,000 1,556,449,000 1,307,418,000 1,631,230,000

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