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For more than 70 years, the VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world. Making the most of daylight and fresh air through the roof. Our product programme includes roof windows and modular skylights, decorative blinds, sun screening products and roller shutters, as well as installation and smart home solutions. These products help to ensure a healthy and sustainable indoor climate, for work and learning, for play and pleasure.

Bringing light to life...

That’s what the VELUX Group is all about. In more than one sense. Our products create healthy indoor environments. And our workplace gives people the chance to grow. As an employee in the VELUX Group, you will be part of a company that takes great pride in contributing to a sustainable future with high-quality solutions for daylight, fresh air and better living conditions.

What’s it like to work for the VELUX Group

The VELUX Group was founded by people who dared to ask, ‘What if…’ That curiosity and dedication still defines us which is why we are marked by an entrepreneurial mindset and need innovative people to carry on the legacy of our founder and turn imagination into actual products. Ideas and people are given the chance to grow. Everyone – from factory floor to front-end sales – can come up with an idea for a new product or process and take it further. That’s how great solutions – and great talent – develop.

We’re an international company with a global commitment. Whether you’re working with production in France or sales in Russia, you’re part of an international team that works together to set new standards. For high-quality products. For a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. And for sustainable solutions for the future.

Like any other company, our business depends on the people who work for us. Employees who are dedicated to what they do; who come up with new ideas and have the skills to make them happen. But dedication, innovation and craftsmanship need the right conditions to unfold. And that’s what we want to provide.

A place of opportunity

At the VELUX Group, we believe in empowering people. Each employee is unique and should have a say in how they wish to develop. That’s why there’s no predefined career path at the VELUX Group. One project typically leads to the next, acting as a stepping stone to a new position elsewhere in the organisation.

Since we are an international company and a market leader in our industry, there’s plenty of scope for an ambitious career. One that unfolds in an environment full of passionate people who care as much for each other as for the products they bring to life.

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Regnskab for VELUX A/S

Regnskab for VELUX A/S

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