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Alfa Laval in Denmark

A global footprint

Our main products are associated with the technological areas of separation, heat transfer and fluid handling and we are the international market leader in all of these technologies.

We use our technological and process-related expertise to manufacture products that heat, cool, separate and transport various fluids and substances, for example oil, water, chemicals, drinks, food and pharmaceutical products. Our products generally contribute to reduced energy consumption and a more efficient use of natural resources.

Our mission is to continuously optimize our customers’ processes, and we are motivated by a desire to create better everyday conditions for people.

Alfa Laval’s global sales and aftermarket organization helps customers in more than 100 countries to optimize their processes. Its production operations include 42 major production units. Currently we have about 17,400 employees – most of them in Sweden, China, Denmark, USA and India.

A world of opportunities

In Denmark, Alfa Laval has a turnover of around 4.8 billion DKK and more than 1,800 employees working in the areas of innovation, business development, production and sales.

Alfa Laval in Denmark represents a vital part of the Alfa Laval group’s activities. A number of global competence centres as well as much of our global business development and management are located in Denmark.

Alfa Laval in Denmark includes the following five units:

  • Alfa Laval Kolding is our global centre for fluid handling equipment
  • Alfa Laval Copenhagen is our global centre for process technology  as well as de canter centrifuges
  • Alfa Laval Aalborg – our global centre for boiler technology
  • Alfa Laval Nakskov is our global centre for membrane filtration
  • Alfa Laval Nordic is the group’s sales and service company in Denmark

These five Danish companies work closely together in order to coordinate activities on a Danish level and to position Alfa Laval in Denmark.

Our employee philosophy

Developing our employees is the basis for future business success.

A culturally diverse, flexible, motivated and competent workforce is essential for Alfa Laval’s success. These are four important components in our employee philosophy:

  • We continually develop employees’ competence and flexibility.
  • There shall be no direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin.
  • We provide safe and healthy working conditions.
  • We recognize the right of employees to freedom of association  and collective bargaining.

Education and development within Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval’s future success is closely linked to the ability of recruiting competent and well-educated students and specialists. We create close relationships with students through involvement with universities and educational institutions. We offer internships, post-education thesis work as well as full time jobs within a wide range of career opportunities. Are you interested in applying with us?

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Regnskab for Alfa Laval in Denmark

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