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With GAIS, the formula for job satisfaction has been created

At Jobindex, we believe that employees’ job satisfaction is important to a company’s success. Therefore, we have made it simple and easy for you to measure the job satisfaction among your employees – and integrate it into your company’s ratings on Jobindex. And it’s completely free of charge.

In Danish, GAIS stands for Good Job Satisfaction Index Score and has been developed by Krifa, The Department of Satisfaction Research and Kantar Gallup with the aim of pushing the boundaries of job satisfaction in Denmark. Something that is also part of Jobindex’s DNA. The job satisfaction index is a tool that maps the job satisfaction in Danish workplaces based on seven categories:

  1. Meaning – whether you feel that your work has a sense of meaning
  2. Colleagues – whether you get on well with your colleagues
  3. Results – whether you think that you create resultsr
  4. Mastery – whether you have a sense of mastery over your work
  5. Management – whether you are satisfied with the management at the workplace
  6. Balance – whether you find that you have balance between work and leisure
  7. Co-decision – whether you feel that you have co-decision

How to create your measurement – to make it part of ratings

After you create a profile and have logged in, do the following:

1: Click “Measure job satisfaction”

2: Select “Measure your job satisfaction”

3: Fill in the details regarding the measurement

If you want your company’s GAIS results to be included in your ratings on Jobindex, you must use the link below. Furthermore, you need to inform your Jobindex contact that you want the results included in your rating score.

Start measuring

How to change your job satisfaction with GAIS – see video

Show the current job satisfaction

By measuring job satisfaction, you demonstrate that you are actively working to raise happiness among your employees. It becomes visible, both to employees and job seekers who find your workplace interesting and read about it on your Company Profile on Jobindex.

The result is included in your ratings, and your latest GAIS score is made visible on your Company Profile. This means that you can update your ratings and Company Profile with current employees’ job satisfaction and offer a true account of your company as a workplace. And that attracts qualified candidates – and retains your own.

Get certainty – and an extra bonus

You will not only become aware of the current job satisfaction – and get the opportunity to showcase it in your Company Profile. As a bonus after each measurement, you also get three specific recommendations for improving job satisfaction so that it can be raised the next time you conduct a measurement.

And it’s easy as well. Just create a profile with your name and email address. Then you can invite your employees and see what the job satisfaction looks like across the entire workplace. You add employee names and email addresses, and when you have enough responses, you will receive an email with access to the results of your measurement.

Worth knowing about GAIS

The measurement is performed anonymously, and this is quite deliberate. Several studies indicate that if you want employees to offer an honest account of their working conditions, the survey needs to be anonymous. Therefore, your employees will be informed that the measurement is done anonymously and that answers are treated confidentially.