Ratings make job satisfaction tangible and visible

A rating is an assessment by a current or former employee of what it is like to be employed in your company. You will find ratings of your workplace in your Company Profile. With ratings, future employees can gain an insight into what it is like to work with you, and assess whether it is a place where he or she may experience job satisfaction. Because career changes remain big decisions – and candidates assess a potential new workplace carefully.

The new job satisfaction report is ready!

We have once again measured the job satisfaction in 10 major Danish companies. See the result now.

Use your Company Profile as your talent pipeline

How your workplace appears to job seekers is not insignificant. Previously, your company’s brand among candidates was important to attract the best candidates. Today, however, it is important in order to get candidates to even submit an application. Therefore, the sum of your company’s brand is important – job satisfaction makes a big difference – and you can make your Company Profile work for you.

Measure job satisfaction with Jobindex GAIS

If you do not know what the job satisfaction is like in your workplace, you can measure it with our free tool GAIS (Danish for ‘Good Job Satisfaction Index Score’). In addition to using GAIS as an indicator for the current job satisfaction in your workplace, you can easily include GAIS scores in your ratings or post them to your Company Profile. Combined, this all demonstrates to candidates that you are actively working to create job satisfaction among your employees.

At Jobindex, we want to promote job satisfaction

Put job satisfaction on display!

Let’s put the spotlight on the workplaces where employees are happy. Happy workplaces are great to be a part of – and job satisfaction has a direct impact on results. Happy workplaces are the most attractive ones for candidates in 2019, and they can afford to be choosy. Therefore, we would like to showcase the happy, good workplaces out there.