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Employ a refugee via the Integration Education Act

During the summer, the Integration Education Act (Lov om integrationsgrunduddannelse, henceforth abbreviated IGU) was passed. Danish companies can now open certain integration positions for refugees while receiving salary subsidies and a bonus. The aim of the law is to further the integration of refugees and people who have been reunited with their family in Denmark by helping an individual into being employed and thus learning the language and what it is like to be employed in Denmark.

An agreement according to the Integration Education Act is agreed directly with you as a company and each refugee. Jobindex would like to support this initiative by making it easier to start the process by offering companies to advertise their integration positions free of charge at

Jobindex would like to support this initiative. Therefore we offer to post your “Do¨-It-Yourself” ad free of charge when you are posting an integration education job. Please tick the box if you are posting a DIY ad for an IGU position.

  1. Log in as a company
  2. Go to

When posting an IGU job, please put “Integrationsjob” or “IGU” in the job title or perhaps “Erhvervsintegration” in the job ad text, so applicants can find your vacant position easily.

To quickly find the right applicant for your vacant position, you can search for refugees and other non-ethnic Danes in Jobindex’ CV database. Please tick off “refugee” or “Nydansker/Non-ethnic Dane” under “Advanced” – “Employment/groups”.

Start exploring Jobindex' CV database now to find the applicant that matches your vacant IGU position.


Find more info on IGU here

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Trepartsaftale om arbejdsmarkedsintegration

Lov om integrationsgrunduddannelse (IGU)

Dansk Erhverv:
IGU - Integrationsgrunduddannelsen - ny vej til at ansætte flygtninge

Dansk Industri:
Overblik over vilkårene i loven

As a volunteer job guide, you get the opportunity to help refugees and other job seekers kick-start their job hunt. As a job guide, you share your professional knowledge about the Danish job market and advise job seekers on how to navigate in the job market. This could include e.g. improving a CV, tips for applying for a certain position or advice on changing careers.

You can pause or stop serving as a job guide at any time. It is a volunteer job and thus unpaid. However, you will experience the joy of helping others and get the opportunity to get in touch with people you probably would not have met otherwise.

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