Terms and Conditions for Users

On this page you can view the conditions for using Jobindex.

The Data Controller

The data controller is:
Jobindex A/S
Holger Danskes Vej 91
2000 Frederiksberg
E-mail: info@jobindex.dk
Bus. Reg. No.: 21367087

The collection of information on Jobindex takes place within the frameworks of applicable legislation.

Jobindex CV Database

When you create and enter a CV in our CV database, the CV and your information will be registered and stored. In this regard, Jobindex, as the data controller, processes your personal information such as e.g. your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, job history, cookies and IP address, etc.

The purpose of the registration is of course that companies interested in your working capacity will be able to contact you through Jobindex’s CV database.

Personal information that can potentially identify you (email address, name, address, phone number and photo) is, as a rule, not available to the companies. Therefore, be aware that you should not write information that can identify yourself in fields other than those specified for it.

Companies can read and search the relevant qualifying information, so that they can determine if you are of interest to them. If the company wishes to get in touch with you, you will receive a message about this via Jobindex. If you are interested, you can choose of your own accord to initiate a dialogue and thereby release your identity. In that event, the company will be independently responsible for processing your personal information, and Jobindex will no longer be responsible for the company's independent processing of your personal information. If you are not interested in the enquiry, you can reject the contact and remain anonymous.

However, you can also choose to have your CV displayed in personal form in our CV database. Your personal data, such as your name, e-mail, phone, any photo, attached documents and names of the workplaces you entered under your work experiences will then be available to all companies looking for employees in the CV database. If you choose to "Follow" one or more companies on Jobindex, then these companies will gain access to the mentioned personal data - even when your CV is offline. As mentioned above, the company will, in such an event, be the independent data controller for any processing of your personal information that the company undertakes.

Jobindex detects which employers and recruitment companies read and contact which CVs, and all mails which are sent through the system are registered. The CV database also contains a facility where recruitment agencies and temporary employment agencies have the opportunity to write comments and notes of the CVs for their own internal use. Jobindex's own recruitment department also functions as a recruitment agency, and can thus also write comments and notes of the CVs.

Jobindex Online Applications

If you apply for a position through our system for online applications, the following applies to the processing your personal information.

Only the personal information you have entered in the application form, as well as the documents you have attached, are registered. You should only provide personal information relevant to the job profile and which has been requested in the job posting.

The purpose of collecting personal information is to evaluate and contact candidates who are interested in and qualified for current or future vacancies. However, information on gender and date of birth is solely used for statistical purposes. We also store a history of which jobs you have searched for.

If you want to edit or remove anything, you can access jobindex.dk/Your-page at any time using your username and password. Note that changes or deletion of data during an already initiated recruitment process, and for a certain period of time after completion of the process, may possibly not be allowed for legal reasons. In that event we will inform you when your data can be deleted or changed.

Personal information in your application will be treated confidentially and used solely by the person(s) involved in the recruitment process. It is thus only Jobindex and the company seeking an employee who has access to your information, in connection with your online application and CV.

In addition, Jobindex will be able to contact you at a later date if we consider your profile and qualifications appropriate for other vacancies. You will be contacted by e-mail or phone and introduced to the vacancy.

General about Personal Information

Sensitive information

You may not enter or upload sensitive personal information, such as, for example, religion, race, political affiliations, union affiliations, sexual orientation or health information on Jobindex. We are not allowed to register such information, and if we become aware that they exist, we will remove them.

Where is your information stored?

When Jobindex is the data controller for your personal information, the information is stored in Jobindex’s systems, which are offered by Jobindex A/S, Holger Danskes Vej 91, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark. The servers are located at a Itadel data center in Denmark.

When other companies are independent data controllers of your personal information, for example, upon the company’s use of the CV database or online applications, the personal information is stored in accordance with the respective company's personal data policy.

Disclosure of information

Jobindex, in certain cases, passes on the personal information we process regarding you. Your personal information may be disclosed to: (i) companies using our services, including the CV database and online applications for recruitment, or (ii) suppliers we collaborate with in order to support our business (e.g. service providers, technical support, delivery services and financial institutions), or (iii) in connection with sales, assignments or other transfers of the content on our website, or (iv) if required by a court order or applicable law.

The disclosure will be made to the extent and to those necessary in order to perform the service you request and in connection with the use of our products or similar services which require us to use your information.

Insight into your information

You can always view and correct your information by logging in and selecting the relevant menu items. If you need help, contact Jobindex via support@jobindex.dk.

We reserve the right to change your entered information in case we become aware that your CV contains incorrect or illegal information. However, this will not normally happen and we will notify you in the event of any such changes.

If you want access to the information that Jobindex is processing regarding you, then please contact us at the above e-mail address.

Pursuant to the Personal Data Act you have the right to know what personal information we are processing regarding you. If it appears that this information is incorrect or misleading, you are entitled to request that we correct, block or delete this information. You can, in addition, object at any time to information regarding you being subjected to further processing.

Deletion of your information

We process your personal information in our system for as long as we have a concrete, pragmatic purpose in doing so, and we also keep your personal data upon the expiry of a specific application procedure, such that you can automatically be considered for future vacancies.

The documents you have uploaded in our system for online applications, such as your CV, application, recommendation, etc., are deleted 12 months after the end of the recruitment process. Your e-mail address and name will remain registered in the system for in the event that there’s a need to contact you at a later point in time.

We automatically delete all your information when you no longer actively use the services of Jobindex.

You can delete your information at any time by logging in and selecting the appropriate feature or by contacting the data processor in writing. If you want to delete all of the registered information, then you’ll need to delete your entire user profile and not just your CV. We thereafter only store the personal information that may be required of us, pursuant to applicable law.


Anonymised data regarding your use of Jobindex’s services is collected. This is done exclusively for statistical purposes and for improving our service. The anonymised data cannot be attributed to you.


When you visit our websites, we and third parties can place cookies on your data terminal equipment. Use of cookies may result in the processing of your personal information. Read more in our Cookie and Privacy Policy.


We use the SurveyXact questionnaire system for our analyses. If you participate in an analysis, your e-mail address is shared with SurveyXact, i.e. it is stored in the SurveyXact system. The e-mail address will not be used for other purposes and data is will be processed confidentially and in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

Data security

You can be fully confident that we protect your personal information. Our goal is to offer you, as a user, a service that is safe and risk-free. We do our utmost to maintain a stringent and high level of data security.

We use different methods, such as encryption (SSL), firewalls, software that detects illegal intrusion into the system, as well as manual security procedures which help protect the accuracy and security of your personal information, as well as to prevent unauthorised access or improper use thereof by third parties.


We reserve the right to remove your information in the event of abuse or use for unauthorised and/or criminal purposes.

Jobindex Ratings

When can I write a rating?

Writing Jobindex Ratings is reserved for those who have actual employment arrangements with current companies. You may write a rating if you:

  • Work or have worked full time or part time—as a permanent employee, student worker or volunteer—for a company, organisation, online service or similar entity and
  • have received an employment contract from the company.

From here we will use the term “employment arrangement” as a general term for the aforementioned situations. Additionally, the following terms will apply:

  • The rating must pertain to an employment arrangement that you have been party to within the last five years.
  • You may only write about your own experience with the employment arrangement, i.e. you may not write a rating on behalf of a family member, friend or anyone else.
  • You can only write one rating per company, but you are always free to delete your review and write a new one so it reflects your most recent experience with the company.

What should I write about?

When writing a rating, it must reflect your own, personal experience with the employment arrangement. We encourage you to focus on matters relevant to your overall experience. Constructive criticism is acceptable, whereas condescending remarks and personal attacks on individuals you refer to by name will be reported and, if necessary, removed or edited.

When would you edit or remove my rating?

We will edit or remove your rating if we determine that it violates our terms or applicable laws. Companies, as well as users, can report ratings which they believe are in violation of our terms or applicable laws. If your rating has been reported, it will be hidden while we review the report. If your rating violates our terms or the law, we will edit or remove it. If it does not violate our terms or the law, we will make your rating visible again.

We will examine your rating if it is reported on the basis of one of the following reasons—and if we agree with the report or are unable to immediately dismiss the report as unfounded:

  • If the content of your rating is solely based on ethical, political and/or value-based opinions, as opposed to an experience with an employment arrangement.
  • If your rating contains slanderous statements or goes against applicable laws or our terms.
  • If your rating contains violent or course language, is sexist or racist.

If your rating discloses personal information about an individual such as the person’s name, address, phone number, email address, credit card information or other types of information that can be used to track, identify, contact or represent the person, we will remove such personal data from your rating. If your rating is no more than an attack on individuals you refer to by name, or only contains information about an individual, we will remove your rating.

You also accept that we will remove references to other companies and websites (including links) from your rating. Such information will then be replaced with *** or something similar. Otherwise, we will not edit your rating.

As a general rule, we do not remove ratings from our Company Profiles, but should your rating violate our terms or applicable laws, we reserve the right to remove the rating. Listed below are a number of examples of cases where we would remove your rating:

  • Your rating is not based on an actual employment arrangement (cf. sections 5 and 6).
  • Your rating violates other people’s or businesses’ rights, including intellectual property rights.
  • Your rating reads like marketing or is intended as marketing.
  • You are a competitor of the company you have rated.
  • You have created multiple user profiles in order to rate the same company multiple times.
  • Your rating was identified by our internal quality department which has determined that it violates our terms or applicable laws.
  • We have asked you to send additional information about your employment at the company you rated, and we either received no information or inadequate information within the deadline (cf. section 5).

So as to avoid misunderstandings, we would like to clarify that we will not remove your rating if:

  • You or the company do not agree on the course of events. It is impossible to prove who is right, and in such cases, we recommend that the company replies to the rating so that other users can see their version of what happened.
  • Your rating and number of stars seem inconsistent, for example, if you have only given the company a single star, but have written a very positive rating of the company.
  • The company believes that you have given an unfair rating. Your dissatisfaction, if any, is based purely on your subjective experience; it is not our job to decide whether or not your dissatisfaction is warranted. Such issues should be settled by the parties involved, i.e. between you and the company.
  • The company you have rated is taken over by new owners.

When will you ask me to document my employment and what do I need to send in?

If we, other users or the company suspects that you have not been employed by the company, we may ask that you submit additional information about your employment at the company within a given deadline. For example, you might provide information about the period of your employment along with the name of your department or immediate supervisor.

If you do not submit the information within the deadline, your rating will be removed.

Fake ratings

The purpose of Jobindex Ratings is for you to be able to share your employment experience and in doing so provide an informative and accurate depiction of your current or former workplace. Trust is crucial to us, which is why we do not accept fake ratings, i.e. ratings that do not represent an experience with an actual employment arrangement because, for example, the rating was written by or for the company.

We consider fake ratings to be in violation of our terms. Ratings that we find to be falsified, fake or similar in nature will be reported and removed, and may lead us to immediately block you from writing ratings for workplaces.

If you suspect that a rating is fake, we encourage you to bring it to our attention. We take all reports of ratings that are presumed fake very seriously and will investigate them. As this is not an easy task, we ask that you submit as much evidence as possible to support your belief that the rating is fake.

When would you block my user profile?

We may block you from rating workplaces if you misuse our service, e.g. in cases of excessive use of the reporting function (cf. section 9), creating fake ratings, spamming with marketing materials or violating our terms or applicable laws.

What does it mean to be blocked from writing ratings?

When you are blocked from rating workplaces, we will either block you from being able to write and report ratings for a single company, or if you have committed excessive violations, we will block you from being able to write and report ratings for all companies. In both cases you will still be able to use the other services on Jobindex.

Misusing the reporting function

You, other users and companies have the ability to report ratings that you believe violates our terms or applicable laws. You must not misuse the reporting function, as we consider this a violation of our terms. One example of misuse would be:

  • Unfounded or incorrect reporting of many or all positive ratings on a company which, for example, you have had a bad employment experience with.

Questions or requests for further information

If you have questions or need further information, you are welcome to contact our quality department by email at evaluering@jobindex.dk or by phone at +45 38 32 33 55.

Contact and complaint guidelines

If you have questions or comments about the above, or if you have any complaints, please feel free to contact us. Write to support@jobindex.dk or contact us by phone on +45 3832 3355.

You also have the opportunity to appeal to the Danish Data Protection Agency, which can be contacted via dt@datatilsynet.dk.

You can view the previous version of these terms and conditions here

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