Let’s hear your potential

We make a difference

At Oticon, we develop market leading hearing health care products that make a huge difference to thousands of people all around the globe. Our mission is clear: We want hearing impaired people to be able to experience the sounds of life. This is the founda tion of everything we do. This is what drives us and keeps us focused on innovation and efficiency. We want to develop the world’s best hearing health care solutions. Nothing less.

We develop everything from the diagnostic equipment used by audiologists to hardware and top of the line software from desktop applications to embedded software and apps. We want unmatched, high performing solutions and walk the extra mile in our quest for technological excellence.

Pioneers in Technology

At Oticon, we continuously push the boundaries of technology to improve the lives of people with hearing loss.

Our innovations are based on setting the bar higher. While others settle for directional hearing, we believe in the groundbreaking open sound experience a full 360°.

In fact, we always aim to achieve the impossible and we challenge the norms to get there. We believe that's what makes us the technological leaders in our industry.

Our inclusive work culture

We want to foster a workplace, where everyone feels valued and respected. And help develop a fair and just organization, where all can thrive regardless of their background. We furthermore offer our employees an open and informal work culture including the flexibility to work from home. Our way of working is based on a flat hierarchy, networking and trust. And we have a lot of possibilities to socialize, as for example in our in house fitness center, our arts club, or during Friday Bar.