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Oticon – let’s hear your potential

We make a difference

At Oticon, we develop market-leading hearing health care products that make a huge difference to thousands of people all around the globe. Our mission is clear: We want hearing-impaired people to be able to experience the sounds of life. This is the foundation of everything we do. This is what drives us and keeps us focused on innovation and efficiency. We want to develop the world’s best hearing health care solutions.Nothing less.

We develop everything from the diagnostic equipment used by audiologists to hardware and top-of-the-line software – from desktop applications to embedded software and apps. We want unmatched, highperforming solutions and walk the extra mile in our quest for technological excellence.

Award-winning and innovative solutions

With our award-winning Opn™ solutions, we offer groundbreaking technology that is fast and precise enough to analyze and follow the dynamics of the 360° soundscape and differentiate between speech and noise. Powered by our Velox™ platform, it allows our users to interact more actively with their surroundings because they can access and handle multiple speakers simultaneously.

We’ve also developed the world’s first hearing aid that connects to the internet via the If This Then That network (IFTTT.com). Now, our users can turn on the lights automatically when they switch on their hearing aids. Or craft their own connections to a range of IFTTT-enabled devices used in everyday life.

Our own research center and training academy

To stay at the forefront of technology and software, we keep in close contact with our colleagues at Eriksholm Research Centre. By bringing experts together, they are able to create a mutually beneficial research synergies and open up new lines of enquiry in the broader research community.

And as part of Demant, we also have our own internal training academy. Here, you can learn from external specialists, leaders and employees from our own organization. The training academy makes sure that what you learn is directly applicable to your everyday work.

Informal workplace culture

At our headquarters in Smørum, outside Copenhagen, we enjoy an open and informal working environment, and not even our CEO has his own office. We value the opportunity to share ideas and keep up with what is going on around the house.

As a new employee, you will be teamed up with an internal mentor to make sure you get a proper introduction to our organization, your tasks and your new colleagues.

We put people first

When it comes to making and developing your career with Oticon, we have no “one size fits all” concept but look at each person individually. It is your dedication, drive and the quality of your input that determine where you go and how you choose to structure your work life.

We create solutions that allow people to live their lives to the max. We also recognize that in order to bring energy and inspiration to work, you need to reenergize and spend time with family, friends and hobbies in a healthy work-life balance.

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Regnskab for Oticon

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