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Make your career count!

When you become part of the Demant family, you also become part of our quest to make a life-changing difference for people worldwide. More specifically, we offer you the opportunity to use your talents and energy to help the more than 500 million people worldwide who suffer from hearing loss to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively. That’s what we call life-changing hearing health.

Become a part of the Demant family

Working with us, you will be part of a world-leading hearing healthcare group that develops, manufactures and sells highly advanced, market-leading hearing solutions, diagnostic instruments, implants and personal communication.

You may not know about Demant, but you probably know some of our international brands - Oticon, Oticon Medical, Bernafon and Sennheiser Communications to name a few.

Together we are more than 14,000 brilliant people, working together in around 30 countries. For you as an employee that means that while you are busy making a true difference for other people, you also open up a world of exciting career opportunities within the group.

We are growing and are always looking for highly skilled, innovative professionals who can help us reach our goal of empowering people to play an active part in life.

The Demant culture

Going to work should be rewarding, meaningful and fun! At Demant we constantly work on fine-tuning a flexible, knowledge-based work environment. We value community, creativity and freedom to innovate to create strong results. Below you will find an overview of the guidelines that are second nature to us.

Take a minute to go through them and hear what our colleagues have to say.

At Demant we create life-changing hearing health. We want hearing impaired people to be able to experience the sounds of life. This is the foundation of everything we do and what drives us towards innovation and efficiency.

Meet our CEO Søren Nielsen:

True engineering excellence is to deliver an ultra-small technological marvel in a discrete, user-friendly package. This takes state-of-the-art development methods and serious engineering skills.

Meet our E-VP R&D Finn Möhring:

Highly skilled and innovative employees drive our continuous business growth.

To stay in front, the Demant Training Academy actively supports training, education and development. Both on the professional and personal side.

"If you like to have responsibility, try new things, and push the boundaries for what is possible, working with Demant is a good choice."

Meet Jens Calberg Winther, Director, Finance Processes and Compliance:

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Regnskab for Demant

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