European Sperm Bank

Make a difference to aspiring parents all over the world

When working at European Sperm Bank, your workday revolves around making family dreams come true, no matter your job description.

Since 2004, we have helped singles, LGBTQ+ and heterosexual couples create families. Today, we are among the world’s most renowned sperm banks, operating out of four countries and helping aspiring parents all over the world.

We support our customers on every step of their fertility journey and provide guidance for them and their children as they grow up.

Our commitment to being caring and responsible extends not only to parents and children but also to our employees.

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Join our multicultural family

When you become a part of European Sperm Bank, you join a tight-knit, multicultural family. Our staff comes from more than 15 countries and ages range from 18 to 63 years.

We enjoy working together, and you find senior management, 45 % of whom are women, working alongside everyone else in our open office spaces.

As we are such a diverse bunch in multiple locations, we are committed to staying close and being one European Sperm Bank, physically and digitally.

Our active Social Body organises after-work activities such as Friday bars, craft nights, a book club, bouldering and much more. Should you have a specific hobby, we welcome you to share it with us.

As the business evolves, so do you

Although we are a growing global business, we are a small company of approximately 200 employees with a low power distance and room to grow. In 2022, 18 colleagues switched to new roles.

We take pride in recognising each other's potential, and when you join our family, your unique skills and passions are not only welcomed, but highly valued.