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What can you expect to find at DEIF?

At DEIF, we always strive to be a good place to work. We take pride in establishing a social environment in DEIF that foster new social relationships between colleagues.

The core of our values is respect for the individual, ambition to become better at all times, and an understanding of our organisation as a whole. We believe that our values grow in an informal working environment with a high level of collaboration across the organisation.

We are also very concerned with corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Therefore, we have introduced our own code of conduct, which are based on internationally recognised conventions on human rights, labour rights, safety & environment and anti-corruption.

A career at DEIF

A career at DEIF may develop in many ways – and in many directions. It all depends on your wishes, your background, your personal potential and our ability to make it all match the ambitious growth and development strategies of the company. We offer plenty of room for a career with jobs in different business units, at different organisational levels and in different countries. Your time with us can be as exciting and fruitful as you want. The possibilities are many – the choice is yours to take!

About DEIF

Established in Denmark in 1933, today the DEIF Group is a global market leader in green, safe and reliable control solutions for decentralised power production on land or at sea. In simple terms, we make sure power is always available.

DEIF is privately owned by the founder’s son Toke Foss and his three Children and is staffed by more than 550 employees and represented in 50+ key markets in all regions of the world.

All production facilities are located at the Danish HQ in Skive and a stunning 20% of our employees work in R&D identifying new environmentally friendly ways of increasing overall performance, reducing maintenance intervals and fuel consumption for the world’s power generating industries.

Our purpose is to supply the world’s best and most reliable control solutions for a sustainable future.

Altogether, we call it: POWER EFFICIENCY.

Annual report for DEIF A/S

Annual report for DEIF A/S

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Annual report 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Turnover 416,740,000 510,643,000 513,328,000 436,233,000 434,561,000 398,120,000 437,945,000
Gross profit 221,805,000 272,432,000 276,446,000 222,091,000 221,795,000 203,084,000 229,134,000
Annual profits 1,941,000 38,574,000 15,757,000 6,404,000 5,826,000 -17,937,000 14,331,000
Net assets 90,220,000 129,161,000 145,634,000 146,539,000 148,500,000 128,335,000 142,464,000
Balance 342,711,000 389,184,000 410,929,000 401,712,000 448,349,000 484,967,000 517,585,000

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Frisenborgvej 33
7800 Skive