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Consult Solution (foreshortened as CS) is a leading consultants agency providing highly qualified and skilled independent freelance IT Consultants within IT System developments.

Our 360 IT Consultants are our partners. We believe in the importance of having a very close business relations ship with each and every IT Consultant. It is very important, that each IT Consultant achieve a membership to CS.

We do not select IT Consultant’s from large freelance Data Base’s, but solely base our selection from our members and partners.

Our IT Consultant’s specialize in participating in all phases of a project course and offer our services within the following main areas:

·          IT User Interfaces
·          IT System development
·          IT System Analyze and Project Management
·          IT Quality testing in general
·          IT Operation and Maintains
·          IT education
Our Customers are large and medium large International companies in businesses such as Trade and Industry. We have very good experience servicing companies in the line of business such as:
·          Telecom
·          Information Technology
·          Trade
·          Banking
·          Chemistry / Bio Tech
·          Production
·          Service

IT System
Java, Java scripting, C C++, C# .Net Cobol, Pascal, SQL, Smalltalk, Sharepoint, Sitecore, Episerver, Fortran, Eiffel, Visual Basic, Delphi, Perl, Cics HTML5, XML, DHTML, PHP, Adobe, ASP, JSP, Web Object, VB, AX, Lotus script, Sybase, HTTP, CGI and Active-X

Business Solutions
Navision, Axapta, Navigator, Concorde, SAP, IFS, IBS-ASW, Scala, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Jeeves, Intentia (MOVEX), Oracle, SAS, QAD and Power Builder

Med venlig hilsen/ kind regards
CEO: Simon Frøkjær

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Annual report for Consult Solutions

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