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Are you a cutting-edge marketing extraordinaire with no fear of data? A distinct data specialist talent with an interest in the gaming industry? Or just a curious and very social individual? Come be a GiGster and join our highly unusual family. We make great stuff and get sh** done. But most importantly: We have a lot of fun!

What are we?

  • We are a technology company with a vigorous, entrepreneurial mentality operating in the iGaming industry.
  • We offer cutting edge cloud-based services and Performance Marketing through our B2B products.
  • We provide our customers with the technology, products and services to create an amazing experience for their users.
  • We also own seven consumer facing brands that offer a gaming experience like no other in the form of casino games, sports betting and poker tables.

Who we are?

Working for GiG is a lifestyle. You step into a vibrant atmosphere at our specious and trendy office in Copenhagen, where our presently 50+ employees create, talk, move, and think. And create some more.

We are all nerds, we really like sports – and we love to be a part of the GiG family. Oh, and when we hire you, it’s with the hopes of keeping you around forever (… or at least for a very long time).

“Drive, social life and regard for every single team member's input, regardless of position and seniority - GiG Copenhagen managed to carry the spirit of a start-up into a 750 employee multi-national organization and create fantastic synergies with the advantages of a well-established, stable corporation.“

- Sarah Braun

What we do?

We are the link between bookmakers and the customers on 5 different channels: AdWords, social, display, permissions marketing and search engine optimization. Our GiGsters are placed in either the agency team or the IT department, depending on skill and job descriptions.

So, in short: We are disrupting the iGaming value chain through efficient affiliate marketing. And to do that, we have formed the GiG ecosystem. This consists of a range of products and services, developed in-house which connects end users, operators and suppliers, creating opportunities for all. Both B2B and B2C.

And what do we offer?

We welcome all. Whether you like to keep it casual, be more formal or mix it up a bit – we embrace it all. Because to succeed together, we must consider and treat each other as equals. That also means we clean up after ourselves and help each other out. Everyday. And naturally, besides being a highly appreciated GiGster we – of course – offer our people a lot of great perks. This includes:

Health Insurance

Healthy meals

Friday bars

Flexible hours

Also, as many of us treat our work as our hobby too, we spend many hours together. Not very often planned, but we tend to find ourselves going out to dinner together or staying at the office to drink a beer or two. Or sometimes three… and having a party. Or something cosy and fun like that. We really mean it when we say: We are a family. And we love to spend time together as one.

What does the future hold

We thrive when we challenge the ordinary. But before we do anything, we stop and think about the impact this will make on our social environment. Moreover, we dream big to think beyond what is currently possible. Each GiGster, no matter what their role, is empowered enough to be disruptive.

So, the future at GiG holds a continuous focus on making all feel welcomed and as an important part of the family – regardless of you being a new employee or one of our many loyal GiGsters.

But the future brings more than that. We want to launch our products to new markets and expand our growth. Our vision is to always be honest and be the preferred partner when the iGaming industry wishes to create amazing experiences.

“At GiG I found an organizational culture I've never seen anywhere else and this includes everything: from super cozy office space and cool colleagues to perfect work-life balance, benefits and recognition. What I also like about GiG is that we are challenged to make great things while we have fun.”

- Andreea Onofriesei

Are you the next special member of our great GiGster family?

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Regnskab for GiG Copenhagen

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