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Er du eller har du været ansat hos Cobham SATCOM?

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Cobham Satcom

- a world leader in advanced satellite and radio technology

For more than 35 years, we have developed and produced communication equipment and satellite services. Our products are used in maritime, aviation, land and ground communication.

Joining us in either Lyngby or Aalborg, you’ll gain a total of 650 talented colleagues in Denmark who work together to connect the world. At the same time, you become part of an international company where we work with all the big players in the industry and where the technologies we work with affect lives worldwide.

”The work we do is a collaboration between so many different groups. Some develop software and others work on mechanics. It may take a few tries to get it right, but we always succeed in making it work – together.”

– Christian Mørup-Petersen, Development Engineer

We provide satellite communication equipment for:

GMDS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System), fishing surveillance and container monitoring on ships

Cockpit and cabin communication on aeroplanes

Portable and fixed terminals for a wide range of vehicles

Satellite systems and telecommunication networks for ground station systems

Our team spirit ties us together

Everything we do is a result of our incredible teamwork. It’s very easy to recognise this in our immediate workplace where colleagues seamlessly come together to create innovative solutions every day. We work together cross-functionally, and our value chain in its entirety is placed in-house – so all you need to do is walk down the hall if you need to discuss something with an expert colleague.

“I get to play an important role working on technologies that are used for commercial flights all around the world.”

– Linda Macelovà, Project Manager

Launch your career with us

We believe in pushing our potential to its very limit, and we wish to attract the best and brightest. Therefore, we cooperate with major Danish universities such as AAU and DTU, and we offer a 2 year graduates’ programme.

Likewise, we continually invest in our employees and invite you to always bring your ideas to the table. Personal and professional development opportunities wait just around the corner, and joining an international organisation, these might even extend beyond Denmark.

“The most exciting thing is that there’s always something new to do. It’s always very different task I have to help with.”

– Ayse Tasdelen, Student Assistant

We’re ready to welcome you onboard

First off, we of course make sure you are introduced properly to your assignments and the company as a whole during your first days here. Secondly, you’ll be met by an open, positive, no-nonsense culture where knowledge sharing is practiced at all levels of the organisation. And when you meet your new colleagues, you will find that they share a heartfelt pride in our products and achievements.

“I think the responsibility given is very satisfactory. I can go somewhere on my own, and actually bring that back to the team and help change how we develop our products.”

– Kristian Bertelsen, Business Development Manager

Join a social network

We love doing things together and offer a myriad of clubs and social activities that you can join and participate in. This will give you the chance to get to know many interesting colleagues outside your area, team and department.

Likewise, we have a lot of in-house facilities that you can use, and in our canteen, a dedicated staff makes sure we are taken good care of.

”Our spirit is unique, and we do a lot of things together that are not all job related. I myself am part of both the skiing club and the wine club.”

– Christian Mørup-Petersen, Development Engineer

Ready to take the leap?

Regardless of the size or complexity of the job ahead, we believe in always putting the same effort into the work we do. Our customers’ missions are critical to them and must be no less critical to us.

In short, joining us, you get to be part of the latest development in satellite and radio technology. What’s more, you get to do so in a company where we believe in operating as a team, both among ourselves and alongside our partners.

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Regnskab for Cobham SATCOM

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