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We are an international company in rapid growth

At JSB, we are the leading and only global provider of core kits to the wind industry. A core kit for a wind turbine blade consists of up to 1,600 unique items used to increase the durability and performance of the blade. By combining the right thickness and sizes and cutting them into the right shapes, the core kit becomes a lightweight and solid core material to reinforce the blade.

Our Headquarters is in Ringkøbing, Denmark, and we have 10 factories worldwide in Denmark, China, USA, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, and India – within the past 5 years, 7 of these factories have been established. At these factories, we are producing our core kits from the customer’s choice of PET foam or balsa wood. Both are materials with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio but while balsa is a natural wood grown in Ecuador, PET is a foam made of recycled plastic all around the world.

Being part of JSB

Since 1988, we have been advancing standards in manufacturing and supply chain excellence within our field. Committed to sustainable optimization and continuously exploring new opportunities, we believe that our knowledge and expertise combined with new forces will create even greater momentum. At JSB, you will be part of a company with passion for a sustainable future, challenges as well as opportunities, and personal and professional development in an inspiring, high performing, international working environment with almost 1000 great colleagues who support each other worldwide.

The way we work

At JSB, safety comes first. We speak up and stop if safety in any way is compromised. We prioritize health and safety of our employees and lead our organization by walking the talk.

Stepping up, taking responsibility, and setting direction always comes natural to us. We strive to be successful together. We continuously meet new ideas with an open mind to create an environment where innovation is welcomed.

We collaborate with suppliers and customers to create the best solution for the supply chain and foster sustainable solutions to reduce carbon footprint. All we do is with passion for a sustainable future.

Our decisions reflect that we are aware of the limited resources we have available. Being responsible with our colleagues’ and customers’ time and investments is underlined with how we keep focus on where we make the biggest difference for our customers.

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Regnskab for JSB Group A/S

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