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Nyheder fra Systematic A/S

Nyheder fra Systematic A/S

25. november 2019
Systematic A/S


Cicero Explore is a business intelligence solution for the library solution Cicero LMS, which makes it possible to see and use library data. Four university colleges have decided to buy Cicero Explore after trialling the product.

There is no shortage of data in libraries and schools. There is a problem, however, in navigating in and extracting useful information from all the data.

Cicero Explore is an add-on product for the Cicero Library Management System (LMS), which helps libraries to create an overview of as well as providing insights into their library data, for example loans data. This makes it easier for librarians to optimise library operations and make the right decisions regarding book purchases, book stocks and book loans.

During the trial period, all four libraries using Cicero LMS were able to access Cicero Explore. At the end of the trial period, the four university colleges all decided to buy the solution, so that they can continue to access key figures about their libraries. The four university colleges participating in the trial were VIA University College, University College South Denmark (UCS), UCL University College and University College North Denmark (UCL).

Peter Rubeck Olesen, library director at UCN, sees significant benefits in using Systematic’s add-on product:

“Cicero Explore gives us a good idea of which materials the students are borrowing. We can, for example, see when the material was published, which languages the students are reading, and which subject categories they are borrowing.

“Being able to see the students’ book borrowing patterns is very helpful, as it enables us to support the individual study programmes’ knowledge resources more effectively. We can provide the study programmes with statistics, and we can support the students better in how they use foreign material, for example, if necessary.”

Peter Rubeck Nyhed

Libraries now able to generate their own reports

In purchasing Cicero Explore, the four university colleges have access to the functions which they got to know during the trial period. The Cicero Explore solution comprises, for example, standard reports that enable library staff to view selected key figures about their users, loans and reservations at the press of a button – for example the 20 most popular books and the library’s total lending.

In addition, they also have access to the Cicero Explore design client, which enables the libraries to compose their own reports. In the design client, it is possible to compare data, and present it graphically in countless ways. The libraries can, for example, establish whether there are any ‘dead’ books which have never been lent out, and measure the success of any initiatives which they launch. If a library has organised a theme abut the Middle Ages, for example, afterwards they can study the data and measure whether the theme has prompted more people to borrow books related to the period.

At UCN, the staff are delighted at the prospect of being able to put their finger on how the students are using the libraries, and on which initiatives work. It makes it easier to make good decisions and to explain their choices:

“Before, we acted on our feelings. With Cicero Explore, we can document exactly how the material is used at the college libraries,” says Peter Rubeck Olesen.

Skrevet af Iulia Kolesnicov
6. november 2019
Systematic A/S

SYSTEMATIC TO DELIVER CRITICAL MARINE COORDINATION SOFTWARE SOLUTION TO ØRSTED Ørsted and Systematic have just signed a framework agreement that makes Systematic a new supplier of marine planning & coordination software for the company’s offshore wind farms worldwide.

The global leader in developing and building offshore wind farms and the largest energy company in Denmark – Ørsted – has selected software company Systematic to supply the IT solution, which will be used to coordinate, plan, monitor and register all traffic to, from and within Ørsted offshore wind Farms all over the world.

The framework agreement is a major step forward for Systematic, developer of the SITE solution, and the intention is to use the system for marine coordination and offshore management in the construction and operation of Ørsted wind farms in Denmark, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Taiwan.

“Ørsted is an important partner for us. With the company’s focus on streamlining logistics and increasing the security of its wind farms, Systematic will have the best possible opportunities to demonstrate the value of the overall SITE solution in this critical field. We are very much looking forward to working with other key companies operating in the wind energy sector, so that we can work together to create the best possible solution for Ørsted and other potential customers,” declares Flemming Thomsen, Vice President of Digital Transformation at Systematic.

Tremendous growth and high demands on suppliers The high demand for renewable energy has created tremendous growth in the wind energy sector. This in turn places high demands on suppliers in terms of operational safety, the working environment, decision-making overviews and process optimisation. These are all essential in an industry operating under harsh weather conditions in a complex operating environment, at the same time as focusing sharply on reducing cost of energy.

SITE is a scalable, modular solution for use by marine coordinators at offshore wind farms. Their task is to monitor all the people working in and around offshore wind farms, as well as monitoring all marine and helicopter traffic to and from the individual installations. SITE is based on an open system architecture, which makes it easy to integrate other solutions and services also used in offshore wind farms and in the vessels, aircraft, helicopters and other equipment deployed to service them.

IT and operational security is paramount

With SITE, Systematic provides a cloud-based, future-proof solution that can be scaled to include everything from a single wind farm to monitoring clusters of different wind farms around the world, a step that is crucial to Ørsted’s global growth. A user-friendly interface combined with a high level of IT security built into its setup enables Ørsted to handle personal data in full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in all appropriate situations.

“As with most of the solutions we develop at Systematic – whether they’re for the healthcare, defence or energy industries – it is vital that they are reliable in all conditions and that IT security is top-notch. We are pleased with the confidence that Ørsted has shown us by selecting the Systematic solution for coordinating marine activities in conjunction with Ørsted offshore wind farm operations,” explains Flemming Thomsen.

The SITE solution provides a real-time overview of the exact location and status of employees, vessels and equipment, and is able to constantly monitor exactly what is going on and the departure points and destinations for all of these key assets. It is essential for safety that this data is always available, so that important decisions can be made quickly and on an informed basis when working at sea.

SITE is a cloud-based SaaS solution that consists of a number of integrated modules for planning traffic to and from individual wind turbines, to provide a situational overview of wind farms, for location tracking and to monitor the exact whereabouts of employees working in and around these facilities.

The SITE software package features built-in communication redundancy, which means that all the necessary information is always available, regardless of the quality of the communication lines.

SITE is provided with hardware for crew tracking supplied by partner Semco Maritime. Systematic and Semco Maritime jointly developed the Maritime People & Asset Management solution marketed by Semco Maritime as SemPam, which includes the SITE software applications.

Skrevet af Iulia Kolesnicov

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