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Great people make great products.

At TrackMan, we believe in diversity and the importance of personal growth. We believe diverse backgrounds and perspectives spark innovation, why we strive to hire people based on those values. That’s also why our organization represents people from many continents, making TrackMan a truly global company in a local environment.

Do you have a passion for technology, and are you naturally drawn to the world of sports? Then TrackMan is a natural fit for you. Write us and get to understand how we can grow together.


Our sports ball measurement systems have revolutionized the way athletes train and perform. We measure how athletes throw, strike, or kick a ball in almost any ball sport, executed with extreme accuracy. The data is instant, offering insights for analysis and diagnosis.

Our products are used by professional athletes, coaches, broadcasters, and other analytical stakeholders in a broad spectrum of sports, ranging from the popular segments of golf, baseball, tennis, football, and soccer to more unique disciplines like the Olympic Games’ hammer throw.

We are 200 employees and growing fast. Half of us are based in Denmark, where we develop and produce all our products. To achieve the highest quality, we collaborate with athletes, coaches, equipment manufacturers, universities, sports clubs, and stadium owners all over the world.

Our products dominate the markets we operate in. For example, the vast majority of the world’s top 100 ranked golf players own a TrackMan. Our strong growth has resulted in 7 consecutive Gazelle awards in Denmark, and still counting.


Every time we create a new product, we introduce something that's both radically innovative and strikingly meaningful at the same time. But this is only possible when you nurture and develop the talent you hire. That's why we do our best to unleash potential, not only in our customers but also in our very own employees.

You will work with some of the best brains in Denmark in the areas of algorithms, radar technology, computer vision, software development, coding, embedded software, and hardware development. Similar to the athletes we serve, we strive to help our employees grow, perform, and feel right at home in the ever-expanding TrackMan team.

Here, your voice and ideas will be heard, and your work will inspire and influence the best athletes in the world.

Join us, and let's grow together.

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Regnskab for TrackMan A/S

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