NKT Photonics A/S

A world leader in laser technology

Do you want to join a company where innovation, passion, and commitment are key? A place where we work as a team and strive to continue to be the best in our field? A company with an international culture and mindset, settled in the calm surroundings of Birkerød? Then maybe your next adventure should be with us!

NKT Photonics Facility

A career in an international environment

Do you want to be surrounded by various nationalities, but still be in a medium-sized company that makes products for the innovators around the World? With more than 30 nationalities, we are a diverse group. But we have a lot in common. We are curious, respectful, and we aim to make a difference in the World. We employ some of the best minds in the industry and would love to have you on board.

We need you on our growth journey. The demand for our products is rising, and we continue to develop new markets. Would you like to work in a company where you can develop your skills, collaborate and share knowledge with our departments around the World? Join us in our close-knit team culture and a welcoming atmosphere where we support each other to do our best.

Solutions for innovators

Technology has the power to transform our lives. This was true with the invention of penicillin, electricity and, more recently, the Internet. Today, the transformation continues with amazing innovations such as autonomous electric cars, smartphones, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, stem cell and cancer research, renewable energy, and even space exploration. NKT Photonics’ customers are visionary innovators within these fields and many more. They are changing the World through their innovations, and we are ready to deliver the cutting-edge solutions they need. Solutions for Innovators.

We have lasers in space and deep under the oceans and our products run in both clean rooms and on oil rigs at sea. We aim to make a difference in the World and we are involved in projects that will transform the way we live through life-science, renewable energy and the basic understanding of the Universe.