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At Abacus Medicine, you will play a big part in providing medicine at an affordable price to consumers, businesses and hospitals all over Europe.

Through a well-established network of licensed suppliers, we purchase original medicine at a low price in one country and redistribute it to the benefit of the consumers in countries with higher prices.

"What really makes me proud to work at Abacus Medicine is the fact that we offer patients medicine at affordable prices. We are one of the main providers of parallel imported medicine to Danish hospitals and we provide what we in Denmark refer to as the affordable alternative at all the Danish pharmacies. The same medicine just at an affordable price in repackaged material."

Henrik Knudsen, CFO

We are one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark, and we are looking for you and many other bright talents to join our 450 dedicated colleagues with more than 20 different nationalities in Denmark, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

Choose which career path you want to travel

Abacus Medicine will provide you with a wide range of career and development opportunities and individual responsibilities. Our staff cover anything from software developers, purchasers, sales coordinators, logistic controllers, business analysts, regulatory coodinators to financial controllers, project managers and legal advisors.

It is your professional qualities, knowledge and experience that count, and we are happy to increase your responsibility if you have the right desire, drive and competencies.

Do not miss out on a great opportunity to join an ambitious, social and fun workplace.

"When I joined Abacus Medicine 7 years ago, I was attracted by how ambitious the company was. Today, we are much bigger, but the winning mentality remains the same and that's very inspiring to me. My job is buying medicines from a number of European markets. The market is very volatile, so I am constantly in touch with my network of suppliers to keep prices and availability updated."

Lise Vejsholt Project manager

A diverse company culture and a social team spirit

We are looking forward to welcoming you into an established and successful company. Founded in Denmark in 2004, we have an ever-present entrepreneurial and social spirit. Our colleagues share open and bright offices at our premises at the heart of Vesterbro, Copenhagen. We focus on having fun across backgrounds, nationalities and positions.

"It's a great workplace. Everyone says good morning and goodbye to each other, no matter where you work. There is a great unity throughout the company and our many student workers give the workplace an extra boost of energy and life every day."

Marianne Juhl Christensen, Head of HR

We encourage new ideas and inputs to improve our way of work - small or large. The culture is very including, and there is room for you to take risks, but at the same time be supported by experienced colleagues. We grow in rapid paste, with an impressive 7 times recipient of the Gazelle, we acknowledge the need for constant improvement, and bottom up management. We celebrate our victories and acknowledge your efforts.

"I lead the team of software developers that make up Business Intelligence. We handle a lot of big data sets, for example on historic price movements, but we also get to write smaller software programs for various types of decision-making. At Abacus Medicine, I get to improve and contribute to the way we help make medicine more accessible as well as combining my interests of data in my daily work. To me, it is very satisfying to know that my opinions are valued. I have a lot of freedom to shape the projects and tasks we work on."

Mogens Hobolt, IT Development Manager

Quality trust and team spirit are at the heart of everything we do

Abacus Medicine is a family business established by CEO Flemming Wagner and his father Medical Director John Wagner. Family values remain an important part of our identity, and we look out for each other and work as a team.

Flemming Wagner, CEO

We believe in trust-based partnerships and long-term collaboration with our employees, customers and suppliers. Growth is in our DNA, and an entrepreneurial mindset has brought our company far in a short time, but we are not in it for a quick profit. We are in for the long haul for stakeholders, customers and employees.

We are committed to quality and have one of the largest Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments of all the leading parallel distributors. A product from Abacus Medicine is a quality pharmaceutical product you can trust.

You are welcome to have a look at our website or LinkedIn profile to explore current vacancies or send us an uninvited job application.

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Regnskab for Abacus Medicine A/S

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