Green Hydrogen Systems A/S

About Green Hydrogen Systems

Green Hydrogen Systems is a leading provider of standardised and modular electrolysis equipment for the production of green hydrogen solely based on renewable energy.

Green hydrogen provides the critical link between renewable electricity generation and hard-to-abate sectors such as industry, heavy transport and buildings. With its wide range of possible applications, green hydrogen plays a key role in the ongoing fundamental shift in our energy systems towards a net-zero emission society in 2050. As a result, the demand for green hydrogen is surging, requiring a significant scale-up of electrolysis capacity. Our technology enables onsite production of green hydrogen and an energy supply system solely based on renewable energy. We are committed to helping customers decarbonise their operations and decrease dependence on fossil-fuels.

Green Hydrogen Systems started as an R&D company in 2007 developing the pressurised electrolyser technology, but has since 2017 moved into the commercialisation phase. The company was listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen in June 2021.

Our organization

As an organisation, Green Hydrogen Systems has grown from 20 employees in 2020 to over 270 employees today and we expect to continue to grow our team as part of our planned scaling initiatives. Currently, we are in the process of expanding our production and administration facilities. The new facilities will increase the Green Hydrogen Systems’ current yearly capacity from 75 MW to 400 MW worth of electrolysers. The commissioning of the production facilities will commence from Q3 2022 and by mid-2023 the facilities will be complete.

As an employee at GHS, you get a unique opportunity to help make your mark on a company that is on a rising growth curve within one of the key technologies for optimal utilization of renewable energy. You will be one of the key players in an innovative company with a strong focus on development, innovation, and cooperation.

At Green Hydrogen Systems, we promise to care, commit and collaborate, in respect of our team, customers and planet.