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Semco Maritime

Our global energy customers and partners benefit from the creativity, integrity and insight of our value-adding projects, solutions and manpower. We upgrade rigs and offshore platforms, refurbishing offshore accommodation, and installing and maintaining process modules, steel structures and piping systems for the oil & gas and windpower industries. Our fabrication facilities produce modules, spools, valves and skids for harsh offshore conditions. We are experts in integrated telecommunication, including PAGA, CCTV, TETRA radio, IT networks and satellite communications equipment.

Our solutions include chemical injection, hydraulic systems, fluid systems, hydraulic power units and triplex pump units. Our advanced gas detection and fire fighting systems, including SemSafe watermist, Deluge, Novec, FM200, foam, nitrogen and Argonite systems, protect the energy industry’s assets from fire and gas. Contact our component sales for offshore and marine power cables, ATEX materials, beacons and sounders, EX control stations, EX lighting and cable trays. We also design and build reliable power plants and infrastructure, including substations, generator controls and overhead lines.

Business areas

  • Oil & gas
  • Windpower
  • Rig projects
  • Power projects
  • Products & technology
  • Operation Support
  • Fabrication & Workshops

Semco Maritime is a truly global company. You’ll find us offshore or inland in Denmark , Norway, the UK, UAE, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Central America and the USA. In fact, there are more than 2000 of us in the Semco Maritime team, dedicated to helping the energy sector meet the growing demands.

Our Culture

At Semco Maritime, we work as a team. Commitment, inspiration, reliability and responsiveness are the foundation of our company culture. And these are the values that help make Semco Maritime a great place to work.

No matter whether we’re working in the comfort of an office or in stormy seas on an oil and gas platform, we have the dedication and initiative to get the job done. We are ready to take on the challenges of working in environments that are, at best, unpredictable.

Support and protection
We value our people, and take every effort to integrate new employees and retain our staff. Safety, health and teamwork are not only central to our company culture; they help us maintain our open, friendly working environment.

As an equal opportunity employer, we give all our people a comprehensive introduction to our working processes. We support our employees through changes in their circumstances, offering light, flexible or senior jobs as needs arise. And if your work takes you offshore or abroad, we’ll make every effort to ensure you find it easy to stay in touch with family and friends.

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Regnskab for Semco Maritime A/S

Regnskab for Semco Maritime A/S

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Semco Maritime A/S
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