INEOS Energy

The key focus for INEOS Energy Denmark is to produce oil and gas safely, reliably and to reduce its carbon footprint through the pursuit of carbon storage in depleted oil reservoirs. Key operated assets are the Siri and Syd Arne fields. Other active areas are Syd Arne production enhancement and Solsort and Hejre developments. Another key project for the Danish business is ‘Project Greensand’ a Carbon Capture Storage project we are developing in the Siri Area.

Our carbon capture and storage project in Denmark is world leading; we are the first cross border offshore CO2 storage intended to mitigate climate change. We have received full backing and investment from the Danish government and are working with a highly skilled consortium of partners in all parts of Europe. Our aim is to sequester at least 8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the industry and inject into reservoir wells using our Oil & Gas Siri platform.

Safety, Health & Environment in INEOS

Excellence in safety, health and environmental performance is our top priority and we are open and honest about such performance, whilst making sure we adhere to the strict regulations that are set by both the regulator and national environment agencies. Our goal is zero injuries, to be achieved through a positive safety culture in which we believe all accidents are preventable. We hold ourselves and one another accountable for SHE performance.

By making safety, health, and the environment an integral part of our business we encourage a culture of continuous improvement across all activities in all locations. The success of our business depends on ensuring a safe environment for our staff and the contractors who work with us, which is why safety is a key value at INEOS.

About INEOS Group

INEOS Group is a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and oil products. In recent years our scope of operations has diversified with the launch of INEOS Automotive and INEOS Hygienics, acquisition of iconic British brand Belstaff and an ever-expanding sports portfolio. Comprising 36 individual businesses, we operate 194 facilities in 29 countries throughout the world. A blend of opportunism, belief that we can add value and pursuit of our core values and passion for adventure.