Scantox A/S

About us

Scantox is the leading preclinical contract research organization in the Nordic region. We are what's called a CRO, and on a contract we provide research for the medical industry in connection to the development of new drugs. The majority of our research is preclinical in vivo testing, i.e. tests done at the early stages in the drug development process prior to the substrates being tested in humans. Our core markets are pharma, biotech and life sciences.

The Scantox HQ is located near Køge in Denmark, and just 30 minutes from the center of Copenhagen. Over the last few years the company has expanded via acquisitions in Sweden. These have expanded Scantox' portfolio of services with new capabilities.

We are at present approximately 170 employees, covering a wide array of experts from many different professional areas - scientists, veterinarians, animal caretakers, as well as administrative roles.

Join us and make a difference

“At Scantox you will be making a positive difference for patients worldwide. Every day. This is both a great responsibility and a great joy, and it is something that is clearly integrated in the Scantox mentality throughout our organization.”

Jeanet Løgsted, CEO

Please get in touch!

We are always looking for new talent and encourage you to send us your CV and an unsolicited application. Whether you are a career starter, a specialist, a manager or other - if you are competent and enganged, and looking for the next step in your professional career - do get in touch!

At Scantox you will become a part of an ambitious and scientific work environment surrounded by good colleagues, a busy worklife and a service minded mentality - if this sounds like the right environment for you, Scantox could be a good place for you.

We offer exciting career opportunities within an attractive and success oriented environment. Have a look at our open positions, or send us an unsolicited application and your CV.

Great Place To Work®

In April 2023 Scantox was certified a Great Place To Work®. This is a certification we are very proud of, as it is based 100% on statements made by our employees. One of the key words is Trust.

Our employees have overall a general trust to their surroundings, a trust in our management team, trust in their colleagues, and trust in our systems. We work every day to build and retain this trust, as we recognize that this is a feeling that it has taken time to develop and which must be nurtured to stay intact. When trust is in place you have the right foundation to take responsibility for your assignments.

Employees in Scantox are provided the freedom and responsibility to find the best ways to work within their teams, and to provide the optimal solutions. We believe that this leads to the greatest happiness in the professional day, and ultimately the best quality for our customers.

Do you want to join the team?

“At Scantox we have a unique team spirit not found in most other places. Regardless which department you belong to or which position you hold, we all work towards the same goal. And despite a busy work environment we always have time for a smile. Happiness at work - "Arbejdsglæde" - is extremely important here, and we basically have a really good time together in the company.”

Nanna Nygaard, Senior HR Partner