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BIOFAC is an innovative company with almost 70 years' manufacturing expertise in supplying natural bulk ingredients to our customers within the pharmaceutical, veterinary, the nutraceutical, and cosmetics industries worldwide.

Creation of high quality products is our pride and priority. All our five factories are located in Denmark - a country with possibly the strictest medicinal and veterinary authorities in the world. In terms of sales and market presence, we are a truly international company finding inspiration in different parts of the world and supplying our products worldwide.

We believe that personal relationships are key to our success. BIOFAC's open and friendly corporate culture promoting freethinking and innovation, as well as our focus on the establishing long-term close relationships with our customers and suppliers, determine our success as a company.


Being a company in growth, we attract bright minds and occasionally we are looking for new dedicated and professional colleagues for newly created positions in the Group. If you find BIOFAC interesting and want to be part of our group, please feel free to send us an unsolicited application.

Submit your unsolicited application now to


When we receive your application, you will receive a conformation mail in return. Our HR department will make sure, that the right Head of Department receives your application. After the application deadline, the Head of Department will select all qualified candidates, and invite them to an interview.

An unsolicited application will undergo the same procedure. Additionally, all unsolicited applications will be saved for 3 months (thereafter removed from our database due to the Danish Privacy Act).

All applications will be treated confidentially.


As a selected candidate, you will be invited to a personal interview. Here you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself on a personal level and tell us, why this job is meant for you.


The selected candidate will be offered a contract. When the contract is signed by both parties, the HR department will notify the other candidates and thank them for their time and the interest, they have shown the BIOFAC Group.


Contact our HR department

T +45 7010 3020

You can also find more information about our company and products on our website, and LinkedIn profile,


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Culture and meaning
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Work environment and balance
Collaboration and relations

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Annual report for Biofac A/S

Annual report for Biofac A/S

Registered name


VAT number


Type of business entity




Number of employees

50 - 99

Annual report 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Turnover 38,449,000 40,643,000 44,369,000 44,175,000 54,950,000
Gross profit 13,660,000 16,873,000 15,622,000 19,645,000 19,744,000
Annual profits -1,647,000 -418,000 4,364,000 -934,000 -3,816,000
Net assets 9,728,000 9,060,000 11,872,000 10,287,000 4,151,000
Balance 99,272,000 100,221,000 116,078,000 131,098,000 148,872,000

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Biofac A/S
Englandsvej 350
2770 Kastrup


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