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About Us

Diageo is the world’s leading premium drinks company - a business built on the principles and foundations laid by the giants of the industry.

We’re a young company born from an incredible entrepreneurial legacy. The success of Guinness, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray and many more, over hundreds of years, led to the formation of our company in 1997. And we only thrive today because of the talent of our people to grow our brands, old and new, and keep them strong.

We have hundreds of beer, wine and spirits brands – global, local, crafted, authentic, culturally relevant, luxury brands. Today we have brands that inspire and celebrate personal progress and the bold choices of people made of more. Products created hundreds of years ago, nurtured and grown with passion and care alongside incredible new products created today, developed by people with the talent and drive to invent the future.

Our Culture

Our culture is rooted in a deep sense of our purpose, the personal connections our people have to our brands, our relationships with each other and our passion to win. Our people created our culture and they keep it strong. We employ bright, collaborative people at all levels in our business. We trust each other and work with genuine positive intent behind our actions. We care about our business, and care about working for a company that is progressive in its thinking and behaviour.

The values that underpin our business guide how we work. We are ‘passionate about our customers and consumers and want to be the best. We give each other the freedom to succeed and value each and every person’s contribution. We work hard so we can be proud of what we do and how we do it’.

These values are not merely words on a page. While we constantly look to evolve and improve how we go about our work, our values remain consistent. We try to live these values every day, everywhere and together with our purpose, we believe that when demonstrated for all to see, they drive our company forward.


We believe in creating an environment for our people that will stretch, challenge and enable them to grow themselves and the business. We develop global leaders to consistently deliver great performance through winning teams. We ask our leaders to be authentic, to create possibilities, to bring our purpose to life, to create the conditions for our people to succeed, to grow themselves, and most importantly the people around them.

We want everyone in the company to stand for what they feel is right and important. To build and sustain trust with others through real relationships, and to demonstrate the kind of personal integrity that inspires others.

Diageo Denmark A/S
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Regnskab for Diageo Denmark A/S

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Diageo Denmark A/S
Sundkrogen 2
2100 København Ø


Diageo Denmark A/S


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