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Power fossil free living

At Vattenfall, we have a simple but ambitious mission: to enable fossil free living within one generation.

It’s a goal that empowers everyone who works with us, and one we are putting all our power behind. The power of decades of experience and of minds fresh out of school. Of extraordinary skills and hidden potential. Of different disciplines and backgrounds working together. The power of you. Join our team and use your superpower to enable fossil free living.

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Be part of the bigger picture

For more than 100 years Vattenfall has electrified industries, powered homes and modernized ways of life. As one of Europe’s leading energy companies, we have a responsibility to strive for our own operations to be fossil free. But given the scale of the challenge posed by climate change we also want to use our strength and influence to enable others to live climate smarter lives.

Our involvement across all parts of the value chain – from production, distribution and retail – means we are ideally placed to develop solutions and innovations to turn ambition into reality. Whether it’s finding more efficient ways to build offshore wind farms or helping customers reduce consumption in their homes, we are enabling fossil free living at every level.

As well as being at the forefront of this change within the energy sector, Vattenfall is playing an active role to help decarbonize the wider economy through our involvement in initiatives such as a new type of steel production which only emits water vapour instead of CO2.


Not just a job, but a career

We’re looking for people who want to learn and grow.

At Vattenfall, we don’t just offer a job, but a fulfilling career in an open, supportive environment where your superpowers can really make things happen. You’ll have plenty of autonomy but you’ll also be a team player, working closely with others across the business and markets to overcome challenges.

Our team in Denmark is very international so there’ll be no shortage of opportunities to experience and learn from different cultures, outlooks and market experience.

We also believe that the smartest minds reach their full potential best in an environment which provides a healthy work-life balance.

Our opportunities in Denmark

Denmark is one of Vattenfall’s key markets and home to some of our most significant projects.

With growth in wind energy a key focus for the group, many of the opportunities are around ensuring we take a best-in-class approach to optimising existing wind farm projects and developing those of the future.

Whether it’s using data modelling to determine the best time to service turbines or developing new foundation techniques to enable faster construction of wind farms, our people are working at the cutting edge of innovation in the industry.

Want to free your superpowers? Start your climate-smarter career and check out what we have to offer here.

Meet our people

We employ approximately 20,000 people across our main markets of Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK.


Our Wind business

Vattenfall is one of the market leaders in both onshore and offshore wind, with around 50 wind farms in operation across Denmark and four other European countries.

We are looking to grow our onshore and offshore wind portfolio significantly in the years ahead as well as making the most of opportunities for co-location with solar and battery technologies.

Recent successes in tenders for offshore projects including Denmark’s Kriegers Flak and Vesterhav South/North as well as Hollandse Kust South 1-4, together with successful project developments in onshore such as Sweden’s 353MW Blakliden/Fäbodberget wind farm, means that Vattenfall now has almost 1,300 MW of capacity under construction.

Our flagship projects include:

Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm

With 49 turbines and 407MW of installed capacity, Horns Rev 3 is Denmark’s and Vattenfall’s largest wind farm. Located off the west coast of Jutland, the 1,700 GWh of power generated each year increases Danish electricity generation from wind by around 12% - enough to cover the annual consumption of around 425,000 Danish households.

Kriegers Flak

The winning bid for the Kriegers Flak wind farm in the Baltic Sea was one of the lowest for offshore wind power seen anywhere in the world. Construction on the 604.8MW project is expected to create thousands of jobs and at least 50 permanent roles when it goes into operation.

Vesterhav Syd & Nord

These two wind farms in the North Sea will set new efficiency records in Denmark, and increase the nation’s electricity generation from wind turbines by more than 10 per cent. They will generate enough power for around 380,000 Danish households.

The project will also be the first offshore wind farm in Denmark where local people have the opportunity to become co-owners.

European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC)

Vattenfall is part of the EOWDC wind farm off the East coast of Scotland which is showcasing the latest technologies.

The project features the largest turbines in the world, all installed on an innovative and environmentally-friendly three-legged jacket foundation with suction buckets. The clean energy generated by the wind farm is transported via cabling which can carry twice as much electricity as conventional lines. Further development of the project is now underway with estimates it could power up to 1.5 million households upon completion within the next five years.