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Working at Vattenfall

Are you ready to make a difference?

At Vattenfall, we believe that we can shape the future and provide society with energy for a higher standard of living. Join us, and you'll help deliver pioneering solutions for everyday life.
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Our four Principles 

Our four Principles  – active, open, positive and safety – are a natural part of our daily working life and guide our behaviour.

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Striving for diversity helps to build a more profitable and attractive company. We aspire to be a role model in the area of diversity.

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International trainee programme

Are you a talent looking for an international career in the energy sector? Find more information here about our international trainee programme.

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Our wind power operations

Vattenfall's Wind business continues to be a leading player in offshore wind power worldwide as well as one of the leading companies in onshore wind power in Denmark and the Netherlands.

We currently operate a portfolio of about 1,100 wind power turbines with total installed capacity of 2,751 MW across five countries.

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Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm

Horns Rev 3 will consist of 49 wind turbines with a total capacity of 406.7 MW, which can generate power equivalent to the annual consumption of 425,000 Danish households.

The wind farm has been established within an 88 square kilometre area 29–44 kilometres west of Houstrup Strand on Jutland's west coast. Just like the other two Horns Rev wind farms, Horns Rev 3 will be placed in an optimal wind area.

Water & wind

The area is restricted first and foremost out of consideration for the water depth, because the water depth has great significance for the costs of the establishment. The deeper it is, the more expensive.In the selected areas, the water is between 10–21 metres deep.

In consideration for wind conditions, the area is also restricted to the south with at least two kilometres' distance to Horns Rev 2. To the north, the area is bordered by oil and gas pipelines from the Danish part of the North Sea.

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New projects


Further electrification will be a key enabler for reducing CO2 emissions for business, industries, customers and society at large, enabling fossil fuels to be replaced by renewable, climate neutral energy.

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Smart grids

Smart grids use IT to gather and act on information such as supply and consumption patterns, resulting in cheaper and more efficient, reliable and sustainable production and distribution of electricity.

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Vattenfall has joined forces with mining company LKAB and steel manufacturer SSAB to, in principle, remove the impact the Swedish steel industry has on the climate.

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Vattenfall in brief

Vattenfall is a leading European energy company, that for more than 100 years has electrified industries, supplied energy to people's homes and modernised our way of living through innovation and cooperation. In electricity and heat, Vattenfall works in all parts of the value chain: generation, distribution and sales.

We now want to make fossil-free living possible within one generation. Therefore we are driving the transition to a more sustainable energy system through growth in renewable production and climate smart energy solutions for our customers.

We employ approximately 20,000 people and have operations mainly in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK and Finland. Vattenfall is owned by the Swedish state.

Regnskab for Vattenfall A/S

Regnskab for Vattenfall A/S

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Bruttofortjeneste 157.526.000 162.460.000 4.227.000 44.857.000 -19.805.000
Årets resultat 24.208.000 84.335.000 -311.705.000 149.132.000 -9.558.000 -10.901.000 8.928.000
Egenkapital 2.764.808.000 2.349.143.000 937.436.000 390.768.000 381.210.000 76.081.000 85.009.000
Balance 6.809.619.000 3.803.420.000 1.491.018.000 721.876.000 447.950.000 141.094.000 259.068.000

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