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The BoConcept Way

A culture devoted to great design and team spirit

At BoConcept, we furnish homes in more than 60 markets around the world. Originating from a family founded company, our success is founded on entrepreneurship, Danish design and team spirit.

Regardless of whether you work in one of our franchise stores around the world, at our headquarters or in our production, you will experience an open and flat organisation. Our work environment is creative and ambitious, and we continually share knowledge and encourage each other to reach further – while never forgetting to have fun.

“We are good at having fun together. When there is a social event – like when we once a year host a huge trade show for all of BoConcept – almost 1000 participants/colleguages from all over the world is invited. The atmosphere is always really fantastic, and it is a blast to meet colleagues you wouldn’t otherwise see,” says Lars Falkesgaard, Manager of Store Opening

Individual employee development is part of our DRIVE

We believe that our success begins with our great employees and their individual abilities, strengths and potential. Your development is important to us, and uncovering your potential is an everyday process that we solve together. In other words, we listen to your aspirations, and we look for skills to add on and career choices to encourage. This is clearly mirrored in our values, embodied in the acronym DRIVE:

BoConcept Academy

To support our employee development, we also offer a wide range of in-house training. Our Academy, which support the training and education of our sales managers, is one example of that. The Academy is a mobile, blended learning solution containing a mix of self-study and physical face-to-face training. Furthermore, you are able to share knowledge and collaborate on a Social Wall.

”We want to offer our employees only the very best, and our newest initiative provides ECTS points. We are very proud of this, and the first enrolments are currently underway,” explains Thomas Larsen, Learning & Development Manager

Welcome to our global community

You will join a truly international community where the talk around the office at our headquarters in itself is a true symphony of languages. With colleagues from France, Spain and Japan – to name a few – and with stores all over the world, you step into a global organisation that never sleeps.

“When you go home at the end of the day, there are colleagues who are just clocking in across the globe. Something is always going on somewhere, which makes for a dynamic and sometimes fast-paced workday, where you have a wide interface to people around the world,” says Agnes Mejer, Customer Service Team Lead

Regardless of where and in what capacity you are joining us, you can be sure that you will receive a warm welcome and a proper onboarding, where your first days will be focused on settling in and meeting your new colleagues.

Shape your career in a creative environment

At BoConcept, creativity is at the centre of everything we do. We set ambitious goals, and we work hard to meet them. Joining us, you will get every opportunity to use your unique skills and challenge yourself among great colleagues.

“My colleagues are what inspires me the most and my workday is better because of it. We bounce ideas off each other and there is always someone ready to lend you a helping hand,” concludes Troels Lund Kjær, IT Project Manager

Also, you can look forward to a workday that offers great flexibility. We know how important it is to establish a great work-life balance, and we will work together to establish just that. So, join us and find your place in a diverse and inspiring work environment where you will have ample opportunity to shape your career and put your own mark on your position.

Regnskab for BoConcept A/S

Regnskab for BoConcept A/S

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BoConcept A/S
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