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Nilfisk - a global market leader

Nilfisk is a global company with headquarters in Brøndby (Greater Copenhagen). We have sales companies in more than 40 countries and with an additional strong distributor network, we market and sell our products in more than 100 countries worldwide. We are one of the world’s leading providers of professional cleaning solutions and services, with 5,400 employees and an annual turnover of EUR 1.054m (2018). Nilfisk is listed as a large cap company on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Be part of our journey

At Nilfisk we are on a strategic journey turning a product-oriented manufacturing company into a customer-driven solutions provider, where investments in new technologies and the intelligent use of data will enable us to better meet our customers’ demands. We have a clear vision to be a leader in intelligent cleaning. Our approach to innovation and product development starts with customer insights – used to develop portfolios, products, and services in close cross-functional collaboration between R&D, marketing, external technology partners and customers.

Having the right people on board is fundamental to succeed with this vision. By joining Nilfisk, you will have the possibility to grow rapidly by working with the most skilled colleagues in the field. You will be able to make your mark influence our company transformation. We are looking for people that have the courage do to what they do best!

Our behaviors – transformation with passion!

In order to succeed with our strategy, we have developed a new set of behaviors that we find inspiring, engaging and fun:


Be one team with one agenda


Understand our customers’ business


Act and expect forgiveness


Try, learn and disrupt


Deliver on your promise

Open and informal work culture

At Nilfisk, we aspire to build an open, international and informal working environment. As a new employee, you will take part in a onboarding program to make sure you get a proper introduction to our organization, your tasks and your new colleagues. We also have introduction days, where you will get the opportunity to learn more about the company from colleagues across the entire value chain as well as several members of our Global Leadership Team.

We also have several employee clubs, where we can get to know your colleagues outside of the office, weather you chose to join the Sports club, the Art club or the Events club.

A career within Nilfisk

Our people are our core assets and their development goes hand in hand with the future of our company.

The development of our people is constant and everyone has ongoing development conversations with employees managers during the year. We try to match the passions and strengths of the individual with the needs of the organization. This way we leverage the skills of internal talents and support their growth.

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