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Life at Missionpharma

Missionpharma is an international company with a high performance culture. We offer a global business environment, where passion, dedication and hard work are keywords that describe us well.

Our commitment to quality and our focus on maintaining high ethical standards goes hand in hand with living up to our responsibilities as a leading supplier of healthcare products to the African continent.

We are driven by the vision of Missionpharma accelerating the new Africa. Teamwork and enthusiasm is evident every day at our offices. We speak many languages, we represent more than 10 different nationalities and we see ourselves as a small global organisation leaving a big impact.

By joining Missionpharma you join our dedicated team; a community of employees and partners, who all have the customer as our focus, intelligent solutions as our strength, trust as our base and commitment to progress as our future.

Great Place to Work®

We have a history as one of Denmark’s best places to work, winning the Great Place to Work® award in 2015 in the category Denmark’s Best Small Workplaces.

The Great Place to Work® Institute annually conducts a comprehensive employee survey of more than 5,500 companies in 45 countries worldwide. The survey measures the level of trust, pride and companionship within the workplace. The survey provides essential information about the extent to which a company is considered to be a great workplace by its employees.

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Meet us

At Missionpharma we take great pride in offering careers with a strong purpose. We have a dedicated team working together towards creating better healthcare in Africa.

We know that our success is all about the people. With us, you will have a busy and challenging workday in a dynamic environment, surrounded by talented people who are highly passionate about their work.

MARTIN, System Specialist

SENIORITY: 15 years
LANGUAGES: Danish, English

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What I most enjoy about my work:
My workday is loaded with exciting tasks and lots of professional challenges. I personally value that Missionpharma stays at the cutting edge of the technological development and ensures that employees obtains the necessary competences to satisfy expectations. We are trusted by the management to undertake a lot of responsibility and we are all given the possibility to influence our own job.

What makes Missionpharma a special place to work:
Missionpharma is very special to me. I appreciate working in a company with a culture that fosters a strong team environment and engaged employees. We laugh together, we work together and we work towards the same goals.

ANNE, Reception Manager

SENIORITY: 12 years
LANGUAGES: Danish, English, French, Spanish, German

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What I most enjoy about my work:
As Reception Manager I am most likely the first person you meet when you visit Missionpharma in Lynge. I take great pride in making everybody feel welcome and comfortable during their visit here. The reception is always a busy place and my day is filled with a large variety of tasks. I love the fact that no two days are alike.

What makes Missionpharma a special place to work:
I am greatly motivated by the international atmosphere and great spirit in the house. We all work as a team and our mutual will to win and to make a difference is predominant everywhere. My colleagues are the best!

ADRIEN, Country Manager

LANGUAGES: French, English, a bit of Danish

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What I most enjoy about my work:
I greatly value the trust and openness that are given to new employees and I am professionally and intellectually stimulated every day. I find it very exciting to work in a fast-moving market in a truly global and cross-cultural organisation.

What makes Missionpharma a special place to work:
Keywords in Missionpharma are teamwork, respect and confidence in each other coupled with a professional and dedicated attitude and an open mindset. It is very stimulating to work in a company, which values and encourages a humourous and positive environment and an easily accessible organisational structure. I am also personally driven by the fact that we bring true value to people in emerging markets.

BO, Director, International Sales

SENIORITY: 21 years
LANGUAGES: Danish, English

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What I most enjoy about my work
Being responsible for our international sales activities allows me to focus on development through dialogue every day with customers, agents and employees. The interaction with international relations is highly motivating and stimulating, as is the daily coaching of my co-workers. My personal passion is always strengthened by experiencing others’ passion.

What makes Missionpharma a special place to work
Missionpharma is a distinct project-driven company in a truly global environment. Our business requires decisions and actions; elements which are part of the “Missionpharma DNA”. It is also particularly satisfying for me to know that there is a profound match between my personal values and Missionpharma’s values.

HELLE, Key Account Administrator

SENIORITY: 12 years
LANGUAGES: Danish, English, French

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What I most enjoy about my work:
I very much enjoy the fact that I do something, which makes a difference for our end users: the patients. It fills me with energy to know that through my role as Key Account Administrator in Sales, I contribute to succeeding with our projects which, in the end, contribute to saving lives.

What makes Missionpharma a special place to work:
I love the sense of being a part of a family with committed, loyal and trustworthy members; this is the case in Missionpharma’s headquarters in Lynge as well as in our locations in India, China and Zambia. In Missionpharma, anything is possible – workwise as well as on a personal level. It puts great demands on the employees’ level of independency and responsibility as well as on the ability to adapt quickly to changes, but this is also highly inspiring to me.


SENIORITY: 9 years
LANGUAGES: Danish, English

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What I most enjoy about my work:
As Chef in Missionpharma, I make sure that my colleagues get a delicious and healthy meal every day. What is great about my work is that I really feel their appreciation every single day – and that they love great food as much as I do! I often challenge my colleagues and encourage them to taste new things. Missionpharma gives me the freedom to solely decide what is served and that makes it really fun to cook.

What makes Missionpharma a special place to work:
People pass by the kitchen many times every day and there is always room for fun and a small chat. It really has a positive impact on my job satisfaction that people look happy and that lunch breaks are always buzzing with talk and laughter.

Join us

The secret of our success is the people we recruit – and we are always looking for the best and most dedicated people. We search for people with an enquiring mind, a proven ability to solve complex problems and, of course, with an outstanding attitude.

At Missionpharma we offer a wide range of responsibilities and challenges within a supportive environment. You will be working with some of the most dedicated minds in the business.

Join us to become part of an ambitious and aspiring team. We take pride in developing our employees and your training will continue throughout your career.


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  • Kultur og mening er din vurdering af kultur og værdier, samt om du oplever mening i dit arbejde.
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  • Belønning er din vurdering af, om du bliver belønnet og anerkendt for dit arbejde.
  • Arbejdsmiljø og balance er din vurdering af arbejdsmiljøet samt oplevet work-life balance.
  • Samarbejde og relationer er din vurdering af samarbejdet med kolleger samt fællesskabsfølelsen.

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Regnskab for Missionpharma

Regnskab for Missionpharma

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Omsætning 703.768.000 753.910.000 762.676.000 703.475.000 153.301.000
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Årets resultat 69.003.000 73.845.000 78.005.000 76.150.000 3.378.000
Egenkapital 162.346.000 185.468.000 209.047.000 284.014.000 286.459.000
Balance 317.641.000 311.057.000 321.576.000 438.511.000 422.798.000

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