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Agilent traces its history to the 1960’s in the heart of Silicon Valley when, as Hewlett-Packard, Agilent entered the analytical chemistry market. Since then, we have been a global catalyst for the advancement of science and technology in life sciences, genomics, research and pathology.

Agilent operates in over 110 countries with more than 15,000 employees.

Every day our employees make an impact by enhancing customer outcomes in their work to improve the quality of our air, water and soil, conduct ground-breaking Nobel Prize research, and increase the precision of cancer diagnoses and targeted treatments for patients.

Join our passionate team and help us provide the right innovations, solutions expertise and services to enable our customers to gain the answers and insights they seek ---- so they can do what they do best: improve the world around us.

Meet Henrik from Denmark

"I'm currently finishing my undergraduate degree in Organizational Communication. I love going to work because I feel that the managers and my team believe in my skills and appreciate the work I do here. I am highly motivated because I know that when I come to work, I am surrounded by ambitious and dedicated colleagues. At the same time, there is a warm atmosphere which makes me feel that I belong to something bigger than just a business."

Meet Pernille from Denmark

"I joined the company 12 years ago and I work in manufacturing. I have always worked here and I have continuously looked for new challenges. For instance, I have been a part of projects with validation and buying of new machines. I’m a union representative and I'm also a part of our Works Council where I collaborate with local Management. I find this variety rewarding and fun and I’m still very happy with my job."


Agilent Denmark is located in the municipality of Glostrup in the outskirts of Copenhagen and has nearly 700 employees on board. The Danish site offers roles within Global Service, Operations, Quality and Regulatory, R&D, Sales and Marketing and Support Administration.

The Glostrup Site offers

• Agilent Result Bonus
• Stock Purchase Plan
• Pension
• Extra vacation days
• Fitness
• Art club
• Physiotherapist
• Canteen
• Accident Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Life/Death Insurance
• Critical illness/ disability Insurance

Please visit to learn more about us or visit our SoMe channels below.

Regnskab for Agilent Technologies Denmark

Regnskab for Agilent Technologies Denmark

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Agilent Technologies Denmark
Produktionsvej 42
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