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Gorrissen Federspiel is among the leading Danish law firms with distinguished international relations. We cover all relevant aspects of business law. Our wide range of domestic and international clients has one thing in common. They want the best legal counselling from people they can trust. That is why we only employ ambitious professionals who understand that the tougher the challenges the stronger the solutions. More than half of our 420 employees are attorneys with both broad education and exactly the competencies relevant to our clients. We are consistently ranked highly by international rating agencies and in many areas we are the leading law firm in the country.

Read more about us at www.gorrissenfederspiel.com/career.

Your job description: Raise the bar

We employ and empower result-oriented people, who deliver outstanding solutions for high-end companies and gladly take on the responsibility that comes with being part of one of Denmark's leading corporate law firms. Our clients demand quality. And so do we. Which is why you can look forward to teaming up with experienced colleagues, who will gladly help you realize your potential. It's true that landing a job here is hard. Probably just as hard as it has always been. But if you are ready to turn responsibility into respect, you can look forward to developing our name and your career.

Having fun is not a crime

As part of Gorrissen Federspiel, you will get the opportunity to build a career where no two days are the same. We are as established as they come, but the fact is that the average age in our firm is 34 years. You will be in great company with like-minded people, who like to make decisions just as much as you do. Regardless of whether we are discussing jurisdiction or the venue for Friday night drinks. You need great people skills to work here. Otherwise, you will miss all the fun.

Less Latin, more English

We employ and empower result-oriented people, who thrive in a challenging business environment where English is the mother tongue and the majority of the projects are internationally founded. We know that there is more to life than work, and you will be free to plan your own days, as long as you are available and well-prepared when one of your clients is on the line. It's true that landing a job here is hard. Probably just as hard as it has always been. But if your ambitions are difficult to ignore, we are probably one of the best places to be.

Living Law | Explore our films about professional life at our offices

Having fun is not a crime
Law students Julie Andreasen and Daniel Boda take us through some of the things that make Gorrissen Federspiel a challenging as well as a rewarding work-environment.

Trial and error. Without the error part
Follow a day at work of lawyer and partner John Sommer Schmidt. His own words and feelings tell the story of a man who incarnate reflection, strategy and professionalism in his pursuit of a career in a business where failure is not an option.

Less Latin, more English
Assistant attorney Caroline Bruyant Bonde presents working life in one of Denmark's leading legal firms. She gives a personal account of why it is important for her to work across cultural, professional and geographical boundaries in a company where skill and ambition set the tone.

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  • Arbejdsmiljø og balance er din vurdering af arbejdsmiljøet samt oplevet work-life balance.
  • Samarbejde og relationer er din vurdering af samarbejdet med kolleger samt fællesskabsfølelsen.

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