Interacoustics A/S

A world of opportunity

At Interacoustics, we turn innovative solutions into smart, precise devices used by hearing care professionals worldwide to diagnose and treat people with hearing loss and balance disorders. By joining Interacoustics, you will make a real difference to people’s quality of life and improve, invent or create solutions that will help millions of people in the future.

We bring science to life

Our brand promise ‘Science made smarter’ runs through our organization as an overall promise in everything we do. For example, if you join our R&D department, you will truly live ‘Science made smarter’. Here you will look at how you can turn your knowledge and new technology into new features and new products.

Sometimes ideas come to life, sometimes not. But if you don’t allow yourself to experiment, we will never be able to develop just that new feature that makes the whole difference to our customers.

Fantastic colleagues in a global setting

What makes Interacoustics unique is our long history in the industry and leading position in a global market. From development and production to sales and marketing, you will be working with skilled people across the globe.

We may be situated on a field on the outskirts of Middelfart, and our building may not seem impressive from the outside. But we guarantee you that it is impressive on the inside. Table and sofa arrangements that inspire development. Open coffee areas for chats and informal dialogue. And a fantastic canteen that gathers colleagues and teams for a great lunch and social life. You can also visit our fitness room and join social gatherings.

Whether you have many years of experience or are just starting your career, we provide a world of opportunity. An opportunity to fulfill your potential and to fulfill the potential of future hearing and balance equipment.