Lyreco Danmark A/S

European leader and number three worldwide in the distribution of workplace supplies solutions to businesses.

At Lyreco, we believe in working together for tomorrow, which means constantly innovating and evolving so that our employees, customers and business continue to grow and develop. We believe in a culture that values our employees and inspires them to be the best they can be.

Thanks to a perfect blend of people, technology and our corporate social responsibility strategy, our future looks bright.


With 9,000 employees, including a sales force of over 4,000 people, Lyreco´s core expertise is offering the best customer service and distribution. Lyreco is present in 25 countries and has formed strategic alliances with partners to better serve its customers within 42 countries and four continents. The group generates more than 2.2 billion euro in sales.

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How we Pre- and Onboard our new employees in Lyreco Scandinavia…

In Lyreco Scandinavia we take the Onbording of a new employee serious and therefore we are very excited to have a digital Pre-and Onbording platform. Here all new employees will be given useful information about Lyreco as a company in terms of our mission, vision, values, culture etc, even before they have their first day in Lyreco.

Good Pre- and Onboarding is not just about putting a bouquet of flowers on the desk or making sure that a computer, a chair to sit on and a copy of the employee handbook is available.

An effective Pre- and Onboarding program is much more than that. It is a process that ensures retention, productivity, and commitment.

Preboarding is of vital importance to the entire experience of the following Onboarding process as this is also the period where the engagement and motivation is highest. That leaves us with a lot of advantages and by using this period we can improve the time-to-performance and increases retention.


With approximately 600 employees with offices in Roskilde, Denmark (headquarters), Bankeryd in Sweden and Fetsund in Norway, Lyreco Scandinavia is a dynamic workplace that encourages diversity and focuses on unity, thus ensuring that all three countries are moving towards one goal ... “working together for tomorrow.”

Two big events to look forward to are our two-day Leadership Conference for managers, and our Convention where all employees are invited to launch our new catalogue, meet with suppliers, reward excellent performances and celebrate being one team in a fun and glamorous way.


  • 2,500 green products

  • -8% Co2 emissions vs 2012

  • 83% recycled waste internally

  • 40 hybrid cars in Scandinavia

  • Supports the UN Global Compact

  • Delivery boxes made of recycled material

When a child goes to school, a nation grows

Lyreco for Education is our charity program, which aims to provide education to the less fortunate children across the globe.


1926 – Gaspar family started a bookshop in France
1979 – The name LYRECO was created
1989 – Expansion in Europe and Asia
2010 – The first electric van in Europe
2013 – Catalogue with new green focus
2019 – Digital Transformation