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Taking real action

Every day, our 5,600 employees go the extra mile to serve the energy needs of our customers, business partners and the societies that we are part of. We do so by developing, building and operating state-of-the-art renewable energy infrastructure assets, stepping in the forefront of the global energy transformation.

A united stand against climate change

Ørsted has transformed from being one of the most coal- and oil-intensive energy companies in Europe into being one of the greenest with a global leadership in offshore wind. Our transformation is driven by a vision to lead the energy transformation towards sustainable energy systems, taking a clear stand in the fight against climate change. At the same time, we’ve adapted our business model to be successful and resilient in a world that runs entirely on green energy.

Shaping the renewable technologies of the future

To be the frontrunner in the green energy transformation, we invest significantly in innovation and empower our employees to help shape the renewable energy technologies of the future. We cultivate a collaborative, dynamic and diverse work environment and encourage career-long learning and development so our people can realise their full potential.

Long-term job satisfaction and well-being

Our passionate and highly skilled employees are the basis for our past and future success. Fundamentally, we believe that people who thrive at work are happier, healthier and have higher energy levels at as well as outside of work. At Ørsted, we’re therefore firmly committed to being a work place that supports a sustainable work life, and which not only encourages high performance, but provides purpose, long-term job satisfaction and physical and mental well-being.

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Annual report for Ørsted

Annual report for Ørsted

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Turnover 131,000,000 176,000,000 266,000,000 229,000,000 232,000,000 198,000,000 173,000,000
Gross profit 198,000,000 173,000,000
Annual profits -1,934,000,000 7,381,000,000 -10,614,000,000 475,000,000 -1,219,000,000 3,012,000,000 3,563,000,000
Net assets 44,380,000,000 64,146,000,000 52,886,000,000 52,714,000,000 48,281,000,000 47,214,000,000 46,119,000,000
Balance 130,328,000,000 161,421,000,000 165,645,000,000 149,473,000,000 137,245,000,000 159,122,000,000 174,582,000,000

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