Who we are

Here at KOMPAN, we see ourselves as a large international community space full of energetic activities and professional playfulness. Like a strong community, we depend on each other to create healthier and happier communities worldwide. A sense of pride and accomplishment fills our hearts when children laugh excitedly, exploring one of our playground solutions. We also jump with joy when we see people of all ages and abilities working out and being active at one of our many outdoor fitness sites.

To summarise, we are a vibrant working community with passionate employees in more than 30 countries who love to play and be active.

Our culture, community and The Crazy Hen

The year is 1970, where it all began: A red hen on a bright blue spring. The Crazy Hen, five decades later, has become an iconic modern classic. Joining our community, you’ll experience that we are still an innovative, purpose-driven organisation with drive, ambition and lots of energy. All of us contribute actively towards our mission which is crystal clear: Creating happier and healthier communities. How do we do that: Believing in our talented community members and the foundation of the KOMPAN culture based on passion, progress, performance, and people. If these values align with yours, join us in creating happier and healthier communities.

We would love to meet you.

Do you want to play with us?

Working for us, you can share your ideas and develop your career as you help enrich the lives of people of all ages through play and exercise around the globe. And that is a powerful purpose to be part of. We work cross-functionally in teams and across cultures in different countries. With colleagues in 30 countries, it goes without saying that we believe cultural differences enable us to promote high quality and good results. Yes. It is no secret that we focus on results, but we also appreciate that you bring all of you to work. We are on an exciting growth journey, and you are welcome!

Let’s Play!