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The KOMPAN Group – the global market leader in the playground and outdoor fitness industry

KOMPAN was founded in 1970 by the artist Tom Lindhardt, who believed children unfold their imagination through play and thereby learn and develop their social and cognitive skills. Today KOMPAN is a global market leader in the playground and outdoor fitness industry.

The KOMPAN promise to the customers is to co-create and shape happier and healthier communities by offering excellent play and sport & fitness solutions for people of all ages and abilities.

Bring your career to life at KOMPAN

We are looking for smart and talented people that embrace our innovative, dedicated and passionate work spirit and enhance our fun and collaborative culture. At KOMPAN, you will have the opportunity to be a part of an ambitious, energetic, and international working environment. You will have the possibility to share your ideas and develop your career as you help enrich the lives of people of all ages through play and exercise around the globe.


Play the KOMPAN way

“Wow, Stay, Develop”. Three little words are all it takes to describe “Play the KOMPAN Way”. As simple as the three factors sound, they are equally complex to master and constantly reinvent as we adapt solutions to specific customer needs.


The Wow Factor

When exposed to the opportunity to play on a KOMPAN site, your imagination and excitement ignite and drive your instinct to play; you feel the urge to get on the site and start playing or exercising with our inventions. The Wow Factor is a design approach that ensures you are drawn to the playground or fitness area.

The Stay Factor

Once you are on the KOMPAN site and start playing or exercising, we seek to make you stay longer. We do this through age-appropriate solutions that continuously stimulate new ways of playing with the precise dose of challenge that is key to having fun and being physically active. Our Stay Factor also nurtures social interaction, inspiring people of all ages and abilities to stay and play longer together.

The Develop Factor

When engrossed in play we learn and are physically active with intensity – often not knowing or sensing our own intellectual and physical development. Our Develop Factor is about using thorough research, involving users extensively and working closely with experts at the KOMPAN Play & Fitness Institute to design products that grow the skills of the user in the play and exercise zone.

"At KOMPAN, I am continuously developing worldwide products that makes a difference for children and adult’s wellbeing and quality of life. This makes my work meaningful and that is important to me. Furthermore, not two days are alike, and there are always new and exciting challenges awaiting me. It develops me… and on top of that, the challenges being fun and exciting is just a bonus for me."

Nikolaj Maj Bentsen,
Chief Designer, Product Innovation
"It is really exciting to be part of a dynamic company like KOMPAN, where learning and development are key words for the children, employees and for the company. There is both immersion and dialogue with colleagues in the local office as well as colleagues worldwide, which makes the work exciting and provides space for learning and development."

Ditte Jensen,
Junior Group Controller, Group Finance

The KOMPAN culture

The KOMPAN culture builds on our four core values, which are a substantial part of our DNA – who we are and how we work:


we are enthusiastic and committed to our work


we always want to be one step ahead and set new standards


we set ambitious goals and deliver the results


we cooperate and participate in team work to achieve our goals

The leadership style at KOMPAN is embedded in our values and based on the Scandinavian leadership tradition.

The KOMPAN Group is a privately held company with headquarter in Odense, Denmark. The KOMPAN Group employs approximately 1.300 employees globally, has sales companies in 20 countries, and distributors in more than 40 countries.

Regnskab for KOMPAN A/S

Regnskab for KOMPAN A/S

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100 - 199

Regnskab 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Omsætning 455.587.000 489.892.000 451.636.000 488.589.000 568.694.000 746.317.000
Bruttofortjeneste 158.024.000 175.067.000 122.451.000 115.391.000 115.862.000 197.108.000
Årets resultat 74.861.000 116.211.000 60.762.000 88.307.000 44.369.000 133.564.000
Egenkapital 390.718.000 256.647.000 223.543.000 257.953.000 301.368.000 315.341.000
Balance 597.770.000 703.983.000 586.823.000 696.482.000 835.846.000 813.039.000

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C. F. Tietgens Boulevard 32C
5220 Odense SØ
Tlf.: 63 62 10 11


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