Symphogen A/S

We push the boundaries of cancer treatments

Using antibodies – the human body’s own defence system – we work with nature to help patients all over the world conquer cancer. The unique functionalities of our antibodies make them well-suited for both mono therapies and the combination therapies that will be at the core of future cancer treatments.

We are proud to be the antibody center of excellence in the French Servier Group, thereby supporting the group in its mission to be a renowned and innovative player within oncology. As an independent group, Servier invests over 20% of its brand-name revenue per year in research and development.

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Join a team of caring pioneers

To challenge status quo in the pursuit of excellence, we know that all of us need to unfold our professional potential. And we believe that working in a science-based environment with 55% of us holding a master’s degree or a PhD in combination with our passionate culture does the trick.

As our newest colleague, you will soon discover that our commitment to our values is as strong as our wish to help cancer patients. We know that success can only be accomplished together, and we believe that each of us grows by building on the experiences and contributions of our peers.

“We are equally proud of the results we create and the appreciative way we collaborate to achieve them. And we take care of each other, because we view every single colleague as important for our joint performance,” says Senior Scientist Wenche Rud Jørgensen.

A working day that puts a smile on your face

We see our colleagues as entire people and not just sets of competences – and as our most important resource. Therefore, we try to create a working environment that everyone can enjoy.

We do this by offering flexibility in the workplace, nice surroundings, and best-in-class lab equipment. And when we need to take a break, we like to be active in our gym or on our indoor bikes – or just relax with a cup of coffee.

But it’s not all serious. We like to arrange social get-togethers like joint excursions and Friday bars. It does not always have to be big and glamourous – we just like to create nice occasions to catch up in different settings.