Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS

Xellia Pharmaceuticals is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of fermented anti-infectives sold as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms (FDFs) to key pharmaceutical industry companies. Our success and strong market position is built on more than 100 years’ of pharmaceutical industry experience. Xellia has growing sales in more than 70 countries to over 500 customers across the healthcare industry. Our product portfolio of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal products used for the treatment of severe infections, including infections caused by multi-resistant bacteria and fungi, is the foundation for our growth strategy within the antibiotics’ sector. We are the leading supplier of important anti-infectives Vancomycin and Colistimethate Sodium (CMS).

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and owned by Novo Holdings A/S, Xellia Pharmaceuticals has more than 1500 employees globally. From state-of-the-art manufacturing sites in the U.S., China, Denmark and Hungary to R&D sites in Norway and Croatia; Xellia Pharmaceuticals excels within innovative product development to deliver high quality products to its customers. Based on our long-term expertise, we bring value to our stakeholders and signify a patient-centric mindset through an embedded corporate motivation of integrating science and knowledge to save lives. Xellia Pharmaceuticals’ focus is its R&D investments within inhalable and injectable product technologies as we are committed to researching solutions, which not only improve patients’ quality of life, but will also ultimately save lives.

Xellia’s goal is to lead the fight against infections by providing anti-infective solutions against multidrug-resistant microorganisms.

We truly believe that we can only succeed in our purpose through the engagement and expertize of our employees. As a company, we want to foster a culture which strengthens employee engagement and the specialties of our employees.

Xellia builds its culture on four Values and four Leadership Principles which serve as an enabler and reinforcement to our behaviors and actions.

We are a company which aims at being the best within our field, and thus we as employees and leaders are encouraged to strive to improve, apply our strengths, and bring out the best in ourselves and in our colleagues. We are encouraged to seek and apply our own strengths, embrace and drive change, and treat others with respect.

Xellia and its employees have an array of valued internal and external stakeholders. Being accountable in the work we do and in our behaviors is highly esteemed as we must deliver on our commitments both internally and externally in order to ultimately provide the important life-saving anti-infectives to the patients in need.

Openness and Transparency is key to our working environment; we believe that by engaging and communicating clearly and directly, we achieve sharing correct and relevant information that is understood, and as a result, honest and timely feedback can be received.

We consider Xellia a unique place to work. We appreciate the traits that make us all unique as individuals and celebrate the successes that come from our willingness to take chances and dare to be different. The value that resides in our employees and is seen throughout the organization, we call not only a value of Xellia, but also a personality trait of Xellia, Zest. Zest is derived from our employees, through an enthusiasm to make a difference in society and excel in the work delivered.

At Xellia, we believe in the power of authentic leadership. Our leaders have committed to being role models and promoting our Xellia Leadership Principles, with the purpose to encourage engagement in our employees and in excel in their expertize.

  • Lives and promotes Xellia’s values and creates an environment where Xellians are empowered to do the same
  • Provides a clear connection between Xellia’s purpose and their employees in everyday work
  • Leads with integrity and zest to inspire their employees by being their best self
  • Encourages creativity within «the framework» by allowing their teams to experiment and bring their best selves

The combination of our Values and Leadership Principles results in actions that create the Xellia culture and in a workplace where career excellence can be achieved. We want to provide an environment in which our employees can develop their competencies and make a profound difference within society.

With a clear motivation to lead the global fight against bacterial infections, we believe in being our best and in actions of accountability to fulfill our purpose.

Xellia Copenhagen houses Xellia’s global headquarters and is also a main production site; manufacturing, stability testing and packaging both sterile Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs). With more than 600 employees at our Copenhagen site, the corporate functions of Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Supply Chain, HR, Legal, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Branding & Communications, Global Technical Support, and Environment, Health & Safety are headed in Copenhagen. Educational backgrounds of the employees at the site vary from PhD, MSc, Engineers, scientists and laboratory technicians to operators.


Partnerships to make a difference

For more than a decade, Xellia has been supporting SOS Children’s Villages. Xellia has selected SOS Children’s Villages as its nominated charity due to its status as a nonpolitical, non-religious and not-for-profit organization. As stated by Xellia’s CEO, Carl-Åke Carlsson “It is in our corporate DNA to help people in need, as we strive to contribute with the development of medicines to fight life-threatening diseases and ultimately save lives”.

From January 2015 to January 2018, Xellia has entered a partnership with SOS Children’s Villages to fully sponsor the SOS Medical Center Eldoret in Kenya. Through the partnership, Xellia commits to bringing healthcare to patients who are located in an underdeveloped area and in desperate need of care. Working with SOS Children’s Villages, Xellia is able to have a direct impact on helping struggling families care for their children as the Center not only aims to treat illnesses, but also works to increase education within the community and prevent life-threatening diseases.

At the SOS Medical Center Eldoret, there are currently 10 full-time employees, and an average of 6000 patients visiting the clinic each year. The most common aliments of patients who visit the clinic are; respiratory tract infections, malaria, diabetes and hypertension, HIV, sexually transmitted infections and waterborne diseases.