Stress test

Welcome to the Jobindex stress test. With our online stress test, you can test your stress level in 2 minutes.

Choose the answer that best describes you within the last year:

Question 1: Do you get tired or exhausted more quickly?

Question 2: Do people irritate you by telling you that "You don't look so good right now"?

Question 3: Are you working harder and harder, but achieving less and less?

Question 4: Have you become more cynical and disinterested?

Question 5: Do you often get sad without any reason?

Question 6: Do you often forget your engagements?

Question 7: Have you become more irritable and testy?

Question 8: Do you see close friends and family less than before?

Question 9: Have you been too busy to stay in contact with friends and family?

Question 10: Do you get frequent minor ailments such as headaches, cold symptoms or the like?

Question 11: Has joy become a rare feeling for you?

Question 12: Do you feel disoriented when the day's activities are over?

Question 13: Have you started to find it harder to laugh, and to be able to laugh at yourself?

Question 14: Does sex seem to you more cumbersome and less worthwhile?

Question 15: Do you have very little to say to others?