Get a QuickApply Profile – and apply job faster

With QuickApply, you can easily apply for your dream job. Enter your information once and you will have the template to apply for a job.

QuickApply is a part of the natural development when it comes to job search. It must be both easier and simpler to aply for a job digitally. More than 200,000 have already create a QuickApply Profile which makes it easier for them to apply for jobs – especially from their smartphone.

With QuickApply, you enter your contact information, your latest experience and education. You also have the opportunity to attach a file, e.g. a more complete resume. If you have not already created a profile, you can get started right here.

Get a QuickApply Profile

More about QuickApply

It takes approx. 2 minutes to create a profile – especially if you already have a user profile at Jobindex. If you have, we will help you import some of your information.
If you do not already have a user profile at Jobindex, you must create one to use QuickApply. You can either create a user profile here or do it when you create a QuickApply Profile anyway. Regardless, we will send you an email with a link where you must confirm your registration.
Creating and using a QuickApply Profile is free.
When you see the "QuickApply" button on a job ad, you have the option to apply with your QuickApply Profile. Although the button is already on many job ads, we expect that the opportunity to apply with QuickApply will be implemented on more of the job ads visible on Jobindex.
Yes – when you choose to apply for jobs via your mobile browser. At the same time, we are just getting ready with an update to our job search app so you can also use your QuickApply Profile to apply for jobs there.