How many stars would you award your workplace?

A lot of people are happy to share selfies, videos and updates on social media from their working lives – particularly those that showcase their job satisfaction. But there is also another and easier way to get the message out. Namely by conducting a rating of your current or previous workplace through That way, you help other interested candidates find good workplaces.

See how well the company scores in ratings

Identify the good workplaces in your field. If you look at a current job ad, at the bottom you can click “About the company” which will take you straight to their Company Profile on, where you can see possible ratings. Furthermore, you can always search for companies by their name. That way, you can get a good insight into a workplace, which will make you even more motivated to apply for a job with them, specifically.

Take the test – how is your job satisfaction?

Often, people forget to take a proper look at their own job satisfaction. The busy days blend together and it is so easy to get immersed in everyday life. Therefore, along with Ennova, we have developed a test that you can complete in just a few minutes. It gives you a clear indication of your current job satisfaction, and you find out which areas are of the greatest concern to you. And especially what you may be able to address to improve your job satisfaction.