jobindex gais god arbejdslyst indeks score jobglæde

Everyone should experience job satisfaction – and we have created the formula for it

At Jobindex, we focus on improving Danish job satisfaction. Therefore, we have made it easy and simple for you to take the temperature of your personal job satisfaction with the GAIS tool.

In Danish, GAIS stands for Good Job Satisfaction Index Score and has been developed by Krifa, The Department of Satisfaction Research and Kantar Gallup with the aim of pushing the boundaries of job satisfaction in Denmark. Something that is also part of Jobindex’s DNA.

When you complete your personal test, GAIS maps what creates job satisfaction for you, and measures it against seven categories:

  1. Meaning – whether you feel that your work has a sense of meaning
  2. Colleagues – whether you get on well with your colleagues
  3. Results – whether you think that you create resultsr
  4. Mastery – whether you have a sense of mastery over your work
  5. Management – whether you are satisfied with the management at the workplace
  6. Balance – whether you find that you have balance between work and leisure
  7. Co-decision – whether you feel that you have co-decision

Once you have completed the test, you get three specific recommendations on how to increase your job satisfaction – and achieve greater happiness at work every day.

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