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Add your CV to the Jobindex CV database and come a little bit closer to your dream job. By adding your CV to the database then companies, recruitment agencies and Jobindex' recruiting consultants can find their way to you with concrete job offers that match your competencies, and which are not always posted online. You are anonymous, unless you actively decide differently.

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Advantages for you

  • Become one of the at least 2,000 people who find employment through the CV database every year
  • Get job offers from the more than 170 companies that use the database every month
  • Receive job offers from among the, on average, 85,600 monthly enquiries in the system
  • It is easy, fast and 100 % free
  • Headhunters use the Jobindex CV database daily to find candidates like you

You can now transfer your CV over from LinkedIn or Jobnet to Jobindex and use that as a starting point when you enter your CV onto Jobindex, such that you don't have to enter all the information from scratch.

Our CV database is used by more than 170 different businesses every month, and we also have a recruiting department ourselves with 25 recruiting consultants who search the CV database on behalf of our clients when they have a position that is difficult to fill. All in all, approximately 85,600 people are contacted every month. So create your CV at Jobindex, it could very well pay off!


The Jobindex CV database cannot be held responsible for any loss you may incur due to someone recognizing you through your CV.

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