New Dane creates export success

Software company Daintel has hired Gustavo de Luna, who is a Denmark-based Brazilian, and it has resulted in considerable success on the Brazilian market.

How could you contribute as a Denmark-based Brazilian?

“I am Brazilian and come from Sao Paulo where I have a good and large network. This has been valuable to Daintel. And then I can contribute with my knowledge of the Brazilian business culture. I know how to negotiate and act on the Brazilian market. And in the Brazilian business culture, it is important to know one another well before signing agreements. And also, I speak the language, which is important, and at the same time, I create trust and credibility because I myself am Brazilian and come from Sao Paulo”, says Gustavo.

What was important to you when you started working with Daintel?

“It was important to adjust my expectations in relation to Daintel and to know what it was they wanted to do in Brazil so that I would know if it was something I could help with”.

What has it been like to be part of this export success?

“I have been a part of the whole process regarding the Brazilian market from idea to signing the final contract. It has been exciting to be a part of this and to see it develop. And it is still very exciting”.

What can you do, if you are a New Dane looking for a job?

“You have to really prepare before getting in touch with a company, and you have to be clear about what exactly this company can gain from you. And then you have to find a company that catches your interest. And finally, you have to be as lucky as I am” Gustavo concludes.

Gustavo met the Commercial Director of Daintel, Troels Bierman Mortensen, by coincidence in an elevator, and that meeting became the beginning of a collaboration and an export adventure. Not everyone is as lucky to find their next job in an elevator, but the new Jobindex export portal makes it easy to find relevant export job.

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